Friday, December 18, 2009

All Coming Together

With only a week to go before Christmas we're seeing projects completed just in the nick of time.

Janice's Baby Box is finished! Instead of a standard baby picture we have a unique shot of the families hands all touching. It makes a great picture and is a large part of this eye catching box. The picture is sepia toned so Janice matched it with a light tan waterglass for her border. The final project is as nice a box you could ever hope for.

Grace colored the bottom sections of her 3 boxes she worked on last week and then got the tops attached which completes these 3 beveled boxes. These mid size boxes are the perfect small but thoughtful gift and they sparkle beautifully in the light. Grace offset the clear bevels by coloring her solder black giving these a very rich look.

Even though Grace has 3 boxes down she's still got 3 others in the works. The tops of these have a 1 inch square colored glass in the centers. The accent colors were specifically chosen and, as you can see, they really stand out. With the 3 tops all completed she only has to attach the mirror bottoms and then solder 12 lines before hinging them together. Grace will have these right in time for Christmas.

Earlier in the week Patty sent me a picture of a painting and asked if she could do it in glass. I love a challenge and I have to admit that I love the finished pattern! While I was drawing it out I constantly had one thing in my mind: This is only Patty's second window. That was my way of reminding me to keep it simple, but in the end it didn't need to be simplified at all. It's only Patty's first night working on this and she's already got half of it cut. In fact, the only thing she has left to do is the brick and mortar section that makes up the background wall.

Jane's lamp is together! Last week we were in a bit of a panic when we discovered that there was an error in the pattern and that we needed a 7th section to make this all fit together. Of course she didn't have enough glass for a 7th section so we had to identify it and then find it somewhere online that would be able to have it here in Louisiana with enough time to complete it before Christmas Well, it arrived Tuesday afternoon and was all cut up by Wednesdays class. Once it was all cut and wrapped I tacked the 6 sections together while Jane put together the 7th section. We then dropped the last section into the opening and it was complete. This lamp is sturdy even before it's been soldered.

UPDATE: Jane called me today to tell me that the outside was now soldered so this one is pretty much out the door. I just hope we get to see it again before she delivers it so we can have a final picture of it all lit up.

Catherine got her small inner border attached to her Fleur De Lis window and then went to work on the final border of her window. A double border always makes a window stand out nicely. In fact, if you look at a lot of stained glass windows you'll find that the nicest ones have really elaborate borders that frame the piece. That's what Catherine has here. She brought in a new neutral color in the thinner border and then finished it off with a wider border cut from the same glass that she used in the Fleur De Lis. She even has the first side soldered already so this is another window that will be completed next week, just in time to be wrapped and placed under a tree.

And not to be forgotten is Camille's LSU window. Last week he finished cutting it all out and this week he spent all his time on the grinder. With the bottome LSU section all ground he moved on to the much trickier top tiger eyes section. He's got about an eighth of that completed now and he's got his LSU pieces home with him so he can wrap them during the week. I have to say that he's a natural at this. With VERY little help at all he got his letters all lined up and fitting perfectly. I won't be surprised if the tiger eyes go home with him next week so they can be wrapped.
We'll be moving our Thursday night class to Tuesday night this week so we can get some last minute projects completed before the big day rolls around next Friday. The rest of our classes will be running as normal. See you all then.

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