Saturday, December 26, 2009

A record 11 Completed Projects!

Although we cut it right down to the wire with some of these projects, everyone made their Christmas deadlines and left with a smile on their face. Jane was calm and cool throughout her entire lamp ordeal (probably because I kept telling her not to panic) and at noon on December 23rd Jane walked out the door with her finished lamp made up of the correct number of repeats (7). I'll just let this picture of Jane's 18" lamp do the all talking. It speaks volumes.

Our next project was completed by Julie 2 weeks ago but we weren't able to unveil it here on the Blog until Julie's son received it for Christmas. Since he's been known to pop up here online to see and read what his Mom has been doing we had to keep this one a complete secret. It was fun to see an unaware Julie looking at her finished project with a big smile on her face a couple minutes after she had washed and waxed it. I really think she had a lot of fun making this window and I know for a fact that her son was completely taken with it.

Janice had everything under control during her last class before the Holiday. She was so in control that she, Grace and Cheryl brought in a party's worth of food and drink to celebrate the oncoming Christmas. After most of the food was gone she spotted some new glue chip bevels that Russ had ordered and decided to make a few quick boxes before she went home. These are the 2 boxes both she and Grace made on the spur of the moment.

Julie had completed her Fleur De Lis window 2 weeks ago and then started working on this picture frame for a picture that her husband had taken. It took her just 2 classes to get this project out of the shop and under the Christmas tree. The colors she picked match the print perfectly as you can see.
Cheryl finished soldering the back side of her window. It's a standard Fleur De Lis that cries out SAINTS! There are plenty of thin pieces all throughout this project. Cheryl took her time with them and it really shows. She has uniform lines and trim which is something that can easily make or break this window (figuratively speaking of course).

Grace wasn't just eating pizza, wings, and bread-sticks all night. She was busy finishing off the last of her boxes. Her last set of three were finished in black unlike these which have colored accent pieces in the center of the box tops and rounded off with a copper finish. We saw these tops last week and now we get to see them attached to their bottoms. And after she completed these she moved on over and helped her mother with the 2 glue chip bevel boxes that we saw above.

Since Janice and Grace were using glue chip bevels Cheryl decided that she might as well make a box also. She says that she uses the 4" x 4" box she made almost every day and that this time around she wanted to make something a little larger. This box measures 6 inches wide by 3 inches deep and high. Like Janice and Grace she completed this in about an hour.

Fleur De Lis Windows are certainly the rage here and Catherine's first project turned out beautifully. There are thousands of Fleur De Lis patterns around but this one is just the right shape for the overall size of this window. Making the final border out of the same glass that the Fleur De Lis was made from really gives this a nice, classy look to it.

We always have to put someone at the end of the post and normally I do it randomly but this week there was no choice in the matter since we always feature finished projects first. Camille is still working on his LSU tiger window (This is his 3rd week into it) and he now has the top section completely ground and wrapped. When we see him again he'll be adding his border and soldering this all together.

Now that I think about it we'll be having a LOT of new projects starting after the New Year. We'll see Patty's Tabasco Window and Camille's Tiger. Janice will be resuming work on the remaining windows for her house. Grace will probably get back to work on her Tiger Eye/Fleur De Lis window an we may see Louis' completed Tropical Fish scene next time around also. But who knows what may change inside of 2 weeks. Check back here in 2010 to see just what everyone will be doing!

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