Sunday, November 14, 2010

More Than Just A Pretty Cashier

Look, it's Lakyn the frog all completed and ready to hop on out the door. Janice, as always, did a great job on this window and now that there's light behind it you can see that none of the color blend into each other at all. Another job well done, Janice.

Here we get to see another Fairie envisioned and created by the ever competent Patty. This is her second 3D Fairie and this one only took her one class to do. This only proves what I always say about a project taking much less time to make when you do it a second or 3rd time. Once that first one is made and you see how things line up the rest of them go by much quicker.

We had a new student this week so let's take a look at her butterfly. Trecia made hers with clear bright red wings with a vibrant yellow body. You can see that for a first project this turned out VERY nice. (But then again all of our students do nice work). She had no problems understanding and executing all the steps in making something out of stained glass and she did it all quickly and efficiently. Trecia plans to make a long Fleur De Lis window starting next week.

Jane made this window entirely on her own while she was at home and came came in with it basically completed save for the brass channel that we put around the edges. Once that was attached she gave it a bath, colored the lead and then cleaned it up so I could take this picture. You just never know what Jane is going to be walking in the door with next. :-)

And after she cleaned up that last window she worked on getting the first section of her Wold Rose lamp together. Make no mistake about it-- this is not a beginners lamp and although it's rough going at first she'll be just fine when she has one section completely tacked together. Once again it's a matter of seeing where things go and how they all fit together. Here we see that she has about a quarter of her grid work tacked together and that she's started filling in the flowers on the bottom floral section of the lamp. With all the pieces cut, ground and wrapped she only needs to place all her pieces on the mold so she can then start to solder this.

After Terry got her pattern drawn up she made a second copy of the pattern and cut it all in pieces with a pair of scissors. Then she traced out all of the centerpiece of her design onto the glass that she decided on last week. This week she not only cut out all the glass she'd picked, but she also got a large portion of this window ground (it looks like about half of it) during her class as well.

Roxie is finished with Fairies (for now) and is finishing up her UL window. She cut out all of her background out of crinkle glass and tacked it all together before cutting her border and then taking it home with her to wrap. I don't see any reason why this shouldn't be completed next week.

Meanwhile, Paul completed the top of his mosaic box and tacked it together. This means that he only needs to make the box bottom (and there's only 5 pieces of glass in that) before calling this a finished project. Oh, and please ignore the yard sticks you see surrounding his box top-- their purpose is simply to keep everything straight and his corners at right angles.

Myrt tacked her Fleur De Lis together and then she learned how to cut a background out of a piece of glass that's the exact size of the window being made. As you may recall, doing your background this was makes grinding a lot easier and and keeps the flow of the grain of the glass running perfectly throughout the finished window. The two pieces that are missing in the picture are actually cut already- they just need to be ground to fit (those deep inside curves are hard o cut).

Grace continued cutting the glass that makes up the buildings in her French Quarter window and I have to say that there's really not all that much left to cut. In fact, now that Janice has completed her frog window I think she's going to jump on over to help Janice complete this is time to give it away as a gift. With Janice helping there's a good chance that this could be completely cut out next week. All those tiny pieces are going to be fun to wrap! :-)

Cheryl is making a window for someone whose father designed a logo that you see here. Some people may recognize the "Acadian Maid" but if you don't, you soon will! All we did to make a pattern was to enlarge the logo and then trace it out on pattern paper. I wish all patterns were this easy to make. I have to say that I was thoroughly impressed with how much Cheryl got accomplished in just one class-- this window is almost set to be wrapped already!

Ok, I was wrong in my last post when I said I knew what glass Ceil had picked to cut her flower petals. Ceil had picked the glass I used to color in her last picture but then she saw another green that had come in with the order and she decided to use that instead (which I forgot all about). So here you get to see her actual window with the actual glass she's using. It's all cut save for the border but since we aren't 100% sure on the finished size of this window she opted to solder what she had tacked together rather than to cut out border pieces and have the window possibly not fit its opening.

Bonnie is still hard at work on Fleur De Lis. She's a regular FDL machine! She got these ready during class and took them home with her to possibly solder. I was impressed at how much she's doing at home but what really got me was what else she walked in the door with...

Bonnie's Amalie name window was nothing but a pattern on paper when I saw it last. When she walked in the door with it this week it was nearly a completed window! She had to wrap some of the background pieces while she was in class because she didn't want to go any further without having someone look her project over and tell her that it was safe to continue. So I looked at it and told her the truth-- her work is flawless! She and Brian must be slaving away there at home to be getting this much work done so quickly and so precisely. Another job well done.

Now I have to say that I knew that I was going to like this next window when Anita started working on it, but I had no clue how much I was going to like it. The pattern is perfect, the colors are perfect (of course blue has always been my favorite color) and everything about this window says that it's going to be beautiful. After cutting out and attaching the inner border Anita began working on the final border which is now at home with her so she can wrap it and start soldering this when she comes back for her next class.

It's Monday and the Blog is posted. That means we're still on schedule (that's a first). And with a new week of classes about to start along with a slew of students I can safely say that it's going to be a productive week here in the shop on the cutting tables.

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