Monday, November 1, 2010

Oct. 7th - After The Vacation

Patty's Red Oil Scope got finished this week. She's becoming a machine at making these now. Just scroll down one more picture and you'll see her yellow/orange one completed as well. And then when you get to the end of the blog you'll also see that she's got 2 more in the works with one of them pretty well soldered. Sheesh! lol

Here's a look at Patty's Yellow/Orange Oilscope. If I could think of something else to say about it I would but I think I covered it all in the description for the red one above.

Now Bonnie has actually completed a number of these Fleur De Lis' but I was unable to get finished pictures of them. (Which was completely my fault.) Therefore, this week we'll look at another one that she has ready to be soldered. It's one big Fleur De Lis production line for Bonnie and Brian and they're moving full steam ahead.

Suzy has her border and her channel attached to her window which means this is set to go. There's only some soldering left to do before we see this hanging up and winging it's way out the door. ("Winging its way", get it?)

Roxie has decided to put her 3 colored Fleur De Lis before the U and the L (which is the way I liked it best myself). She's got this halfway ground now and will be tacking it together when we see her again.

Wait, what are these? MORE oilscopes? Whoever could be making these? If you weren't reading from the beginning of this blog posting you'll never know...

Next week we have 4 finished projects to show you (which will be updated in the Blog tomorrow). These projects include 2 butterflies which means that we have 2 new students starting. Classes are filling up quickly and our space is limited in the shop. We're hoovering right around 14 students now so if you're thinking about coming into class I'd call soon because we're about to start a waiting list.

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