Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Week Cut Short By A Cruise

This was an easy post since classes were basically cancelled due to our vacation. We returned on Thursday morning so Thursday night classes went according to schedule. And since that was the only class we can feature prominently on our first finished project.

Sonia had wanted a Peacock window since before she started classes and I think she managed to walk out the door with something that would impress anyone. And the best thing about it is that she made this herself. It's about 3 foot tall so it's a nice size and not easily missed when hanging in a window. I'd say that Sonia has outdone herself.

The seafood is finished! The shrimp, corn, crawfish and crabs are all cut out. Now Patty either has to lay this out on some newspaper or cut some background glass for it. And the funny thing is that we have and idea on how to do both. Stick around and see how this all turns out.

Roxie started 2 frames this week. With both of them being Christmas gifts I know she'll be working overtime to get these done on time. And since I already know that she got them done in time I can confidently state that we'll see these finished soon. What you see below are 2 double border frames. The inner border is white and the out border is a wispy black.

All I can say is, Wow, Blogs are easy to do when you only have 1 class per week!

Bayou Salé GlassWorks

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