Saturday, June 27, 2009

2 Students, 3 People...

This is it, the moment that Grace, Cheryl, Fran, Janice, and Jane have been waiting for: The Blog is now up to date! And rumor has it that we might see Lea return next week along with Gerald. Things might just start hopping again here.

Cheryl has finished her Wedding Box (as predicted). She did really well with this one considering that I sort of left her to make it on her own. I helped here and there but I do believe that she has the hang of this now. And it's a good thing because she has one more to go which she'll start next week.
Fran was in for a morning class and came in more than prepared. She had her cross and ribbon all cut, ground and wrapped. So she tacked it together, cut out her background, tacked that together and then added a border before then applying the brass channel to the window. Since she's on a deadline to finish this she said she might return that night to complete it. This is what she left with in the morning.

And this is what Fran took home with her that night. She soldered it and then just had to wash and color the lead before calling it a completed project. Isn't it amazing what a difference a little light behind a window can make in a picture? Just look at the top photo and then this one and I'd understand why someone would think that they were 2 completely different windows

And that's it. It's official now-- the Blog is up to date and I am calling it a night. :-)

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