Friday, June 26, 2009

Playing Catch-Up 3 (Week of 5-26-09)

Here's the second of another pair of blogs. This will wrap up the month of May.

Michael Ann's window is completed! As you can see the colors look very different with some natural back lighting. Micheal Ann did a great job and hopes to make some more projects later on towards the end of the year for Christmas Gifts.

Russ made a cat window. The glass is purr-fect, wouldn't you say? (ouch)

This is your first look at Fran's Mega Mask. This is easily the most elaborate Mardi Gras Mask I've ever seen. It's almost completely soldered as she worked on this one a lot at home.

And Fran also managed to finish soldering her smaller Mardi Gras Mask as well. All this needs is a handle and it will be finished.
Denise has been busy working on this LSU window at home. She came in to pick up some bevels to use as a finishing border. You can see the bevels (if you look closely) lying on the LSU portion of the pattern. This one will be finished soon so expect to see a completed picture shortly.

And that wraps up the month of May.

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