Friday, June 26, 2009

Playing Catch-Up 4 (Week of 6-02-09)

Here's the first of another pair of Blogs. Round two begins...NOW!

Here's Fran's small Mardi Gras Mask all completed. After we put the handle on we thought it was finished until I went to take a picture and discovered we'd forgot to add a hanger. But that's all set now.

This is Fran's Mother-Of-All Mardi Gras Masks all soldered up. I'm not sure if the lead will stay silver or if she plans on coloring it black or copper. We're unsure if she'll put a handle on it because it would have to be purely decorative-- a handle would never support a mask of this weight and we don't want anyone assuming that the handle would hold it and then have it break.

Janice has been busy cutting out glass for her centers of her 2 windows. She's grinding them as she's cutting them so when she's finished with her cutting all she'll have to do is make some minor adjustments to get everything to fit correctly.

And Grace is still grinding away at the grinder on her window. I have to say that her cutting is wonderful and things are falling together pretty quickly here.

Denise brought in her window. It's all soldered and ready for hanging save for one thing-- she didn't have any brass channel to trim the edges of the bevels! Denise originally didn't plan on putting a bevel border on this window and I have to say that she really lucked out. She only had to skim a sixteenth of an inch off side bevels and it went together as if she'd planned it all along.

Cheryl has the top of her box completed and is ready for the bottom tray portion. She'll have that finished during the next class so expect to see this box completed in the next Blog entry.

I swear I'll never let this Blog get this far behind again. This is really a mental workout arranging all these pictures and remembering just what happened on each class!

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