Saturday, June 27, 2009

Playing Catch-Up 5 (Week of 6-09-09)

Only 4 people were in this week but they all got a lot of work done on their windows.

Grace has the center and the bottom right hand corner of her window to grind before she starts wrapping everything. Don't let the picture fool you-- the window is so big I have to take the picture of it at an angle so it all fits into the viewfinder. Then I straighten it out with Photoshop so it looks like it was taken head on. The only problem is that it makes the top of Graces window looked curved (which it really isn't). I think this will be all ground next week...

Meanwhile Janice has completed grinding the first centerpiece of the 2 she has cut out. One more to go before we start cutting out backgrounds.

Fran got all of the flower of her rose invitation box cut, ground and then wrapped and tacked. So she cut her strips and has taken them home to wrap so she can have this finished next week. Although you can't see it, the orange border matched the orange ribbon on the weeding invitation (which is on the other side of the lid).

Since Jane has finished soldering the first 2 panels of her fireplace screen she worked on finishing up the 3rd one this week. It's almost finished now and the small amount that she didn't complete will be done at home along with the soldering. Look for the finished picture of this screen next week.

That about wraps this post up. There's always more to come though.

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