Thursday, June 25, 2009

Playing Catch-Up 1 (Week of 5-12-09)

It's been well over a month (coming up on 2 months) since this Blog has been updated. Once I fell behind it just seemed like too much work to do in one sitting so I kept putting it off. Well, the time has come to catch up so expect to see at least 1 post a day until we're caught up here.

Let's start with Denise's Moon & Bear window that she's made as a shower gift. She wasn't sure of the babies sex so she made her window a uni-sex design by incorporating a pink night-hat on the moon and a blue blanket in the bears hand. The beveled edges cost a lot but they certainly make this window stand out nicely.

Christine finished her graduation box just in time for graduation. Boxes are for all occasions be it weddings, graduations, or babies.

Michael Ann was back in and got almost all of the front of her window soldered. I suspect we'll see this completed in 2 more classes.

Janice is working on 2 more of her original designs. She's cutting them both out at the same time so we can expect to see them finished at around the same time.

Jane has 2 of her 3 panels almost completely cut out. I think there are only 2 pieces of green glass left before she starts up on her third panel for her fireplace screen. This is really shaping up nicely!
Grace was hard at work cutting out the remainder of her background. As you can see she got a lot accomplished. Next she'll grind all the pieces so they fit perfectly.

This is a wedding box that Cheryl has begun making. It's our classic rose design which was chosen since there are roses on the invitation. I don't think it will be long before we see this one finished!

And so ends the first of 7 blog posts that need to be finished by next Tuesday so we're back on track here. Since I'm on a roll I think I'll do another one. :-)

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