Sunday, August 28, 2022

Support You Windows (Part 2)


There are right and wrong ways to move your windows and for some reason people ALWAYS want to transport them incorrectly. The most important thing to understand about windows is that glass doesn't bend-- It breaks.  With that in mind, first and foremost:  NEVER CARRY YOUR WINDOW LIKE A PLATTER!

With no support in the center it can easily flex which leads to a broken window.
When moving your window both hands should be on the top edge and the window should be in a vertical (hanging) position.

Always start with both hands on the same side of the window.  If it's rectangular then your hands should both be on the longest side closest to you. If it's square it doesn't matter which side you hold.

Lift your hands but keep the opposite side of the window on the table (as if you were turning the page of a book) until the window is in a vertical position (the way that it will hang).  Your hands will be (and should ALWAYS be) on the top.

It is now safe to lift and transport your window.  In the vertical position your window is strong because it can't flex.  If you have to rotate it (perhaps to wash it) simply put one hand on the side you want to be the top and then rotate the window to its new orientation after which you then move your second hand to the top of the window along side your first hand. 

Never place your hands on opposite sides of the window!  This inevitably leads to carrying the window like a platter. 

Your hands should always be on top of the window.


Again, and most importantly: Never hold your window as if it were a platter (horizontally).  Carrying it as a platter provides no support to the center and allows the window to flex which causes glass to break.

And that's all there is to it.


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