Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Fat Tuesday

Although the spirit of Mardi Gras was alive and well in New Orleans we decided to celebrate it by having some classes. That's not to say that we weren't festive, we had a great time cutting up glass and cutting up with each other.

Lea finished another window and told us we're on the home stretch now. I believe there's 6 windows left to go and one of them is REALLY tiny and won't take more than 5 minutes to cut a piece of glass for. Here's here latest completed window.

And Lea also got a lot completed on another slightly narrower pair of doors. At least one of these will be finished next week and I'm guessing it will be this one that only needs 2 more pieces of glass cut for it. You can see the missing pieces easily if you enlarge the picture.

With all of the actual peacock part of her window completely cut, ground and wrapped Cheryl is another student who is quickly approaching the end of her project. I can't wait to see the thin border go on this window because it's really going to brighten it up.

Fran worked on her latest Mask design. This one is super sized and being made to hang on the wall rather than to wear over your face. When it's all together she plans on surrounding the eye holes with glass jewels that will really set this off.

Grace has finished grinding all the piece she has cut out of her angel window. After she's finished wrapping all these and tacking it together she'll finish cutting the remaining missing pieces: the ribbons, face and hair. This will ensure a nice, perfect fit especially around the face where detail is important.

Janice has about 90% of the centerpieces for her next 2 windows cut out and some of it even ground. All that's really missing at this point are the arms. The colors match her last window perfectly and the pattern has a quality about it that compliments the other windows she's made.

So now you know what we did on Fat Tuesday. Come back next week and see what we do the week after!

Bayou Salé GlassWorks

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Slow Week

We only saw Cheryl and Lea this week but we certainly had a lot of fun during the class. Lea finished another one of her larger windows and has a second one all ready to be soldered. Here's a look at her latest finished window in the daylight.

Meanwhile, Cheryl continued cutting away at the bottom feathers of her peacock window. There's only one color left to cut and the peacock portion of the window will be complete. The rest will be a piece of cake...

That was all that happened last week. We'll see more progress on other windows soon though!

Bayou Salé GlassWorks

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Quiet Week

Christine came in with the hopes of getting 2 cabinet door inserts cut out. She not only got them cut out-- she got them finished as well! She went with a 4 piece diamond bevel cluster cut into the center of a clear granite background glass. These will really make the cabinets they're inserted in look great.

This is the 3rd completed window done by Janice. Pay attention to how well this matches her next set of windows.

Janice began working on her new pattern. She's cutting out 2 of these windows to start with. There are 5 windows along the top of Janice's house and she will be alternating the finished panels in these windows. Her new design will be done in the same colors as the other three she just completed.
And lastly we have the completed teardrop feathers of Cheryl's peacock window. She's got them all ground and has taken them home to wrap before her next class. She also cut out the body of the bird but I seem to have forgotten to take a picture of that. I promise you'll see that next week.

Grace had to work this week but she had her mother bring home her window so she could work on it at home. And that about wraps it up for this week!

Bayou Salé GlassWorks

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fresh Bread!

Just 4 weeks into her project Jane has completed her Art Deco style window. It measures almost 3 foot by 3 foot and will be one of the few windows that Jane will actually keep for herself. :-)

Christine has been busy at home not only making stained glass but drawing up her own patterns as well. This large suncatcher is her latest project and she's thinking about tackling a lamp soon.

Denise was never one to sit still so she made this little boy paper holder. What a great choice of glass she made for the blue jeans!

Denise also made this stained glass cross and heart during the week.

Denise managed to turn up a little more time to devote to stained glass so she also made this artistic Treble Clef. You can't say that Denise isn't devoted to her work!

Tommy has made another LSU window during his free time and I really like the colors in this one. Rather than going with the standard purple and gold colors he's made this window stand out even more by going with an iridized glass for the background.

Cheryl resumed working on her peacock and got the worst part of her tail feathers cut out. She'll actually grind and tack the feathers together before continuing any further on the bottom part of her feathers. This will ensure a nice smooth fit.

Janice and Grace were both back this week with smiles on their faces. Janice didn't get anything completed while she was at home but we certainly cant hold that against her with all that's been going on with her husband. But she's begun soldering her window now and took it at home with her to finish off before she comes back into class next week when she'll start the first of a new series of windows.

Grace's Angel is looking better and better. She ground a lot of it this week and only has the top wing and the sky above it left to grind. This window will be tacked together before we know it!

Lastly, Lea completed another cabinet door though she wasn't able to wash it and color it before she left. Something tells me she may find that done for her before she comes in next week so she cab begin working on her next 2 doors which are the same height as this one but slightly wider.

That's what happened this week here at the shop. Have a great week!

Bayou Salé GlassWorks