Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Where Did Roxie Go?

This post is LONG overdue but we've had numerous delays here this months.  Between vacations and personal losses I've been hard pressed to be able to sit down and type this out.  The good news is that I see I already had all of the pictures cropped and adjusted for this post so it's just the text that I have to add.  Let's get started.

Lynn came in and surprised us with this wonderful Cross Window that she made at home.  It started out as a 4 piece beveled cross kit and she expanded it from there.  All in all I have to say that she did a great job in everything from the design right on down to her workmanship.  I'm glad she brought it in so I could get a picture of it!

Cindy had made a few new frames and this is a picture of her colored version.  Note the birthday cake pictures in the frame.  It was Martha and Terry's birthday on the week that all these pictures were taken (3 weeks ago I believe) and it was party time in the class.  But don't let that fool you-- work was accomplished!

Patty made 2 more Multi-Purpose-Desk-Accessorys from start to finish while she was in class. It's a sure bet to say that the hardest part in making these are the glass beads that decorate the backs.  Wrapping them and soldering them is VERY time consuming but Patty put on a brave face and they look great.  (And did I mention that an iPhone sits it these perfectly?)

Brenda completed the first of her 2 Soccer Ball Windows.  This one has a double border and I'll bet you can't guess who she made it for.  :-)  I considered photoshopping it to say On Land because that's where balls work best but in the end I was just too lazy and too concerned about how late this post already is to be playing around like that.

So here we have a window with a similar view.  This is the second Soccer Ball that Brenda has made and if the mood strikes me I may change it to read Noel when we see it completed.  Just in time for the Holiday Season!

Now it's very apparent to me that Brenda and Terry are sisters because they both come in with multiple projects.  This window was previously made by Sonia and is  no being made by Brenda.  She's extending the sides from the pattern that you see here and we'll see how that looks in our next post (which should be any day now).  Brenda seems to be very much into this!

Donna made excellent progress on her window while she was in.  She not only has the bird, flowers branches and leaves ground-- she also has the background all cut out and ground to fit as well!  Since it's clear glass it's a bit hard to see in the picture but this window is fast approaching completion as well as looking great! 

Bonnie's taken flowers and birds to a whole new level with her window.  The hard part is over now and all she needs to do is solder this to get it ready to take home.  I love everything about this window from the choice of colors to the design and even the double border.  It flows and fits together perfectly.

Jane's Bayou Scene may not look very together right now but it is in the grinding stage right now.  There's a lot completed on this but there are just so many pieces in it that it's hard to leave the unground pieces in place and still have room to work.  That said, when she gets more of this ground you will see the progress on this window all at once.

Meanwhile we'll take a look at Martha's stained glass representation of a Louisiana State Trooper Badge.  The scroll work is now completed and the Fleur De Lis is ready to be wrapped.  Next she'll cut the background out and then you'll really get to see this take shape.  We still have to paint in the lettering but that will happen soon.

Myrt's been working hard on her Hot Air Balloons. She has some of it ground so it's fitting nicely on the pattern and you can barely tell what's glass and what's colored pencil.  This window is bigger than 4 square feet so it's a nice sized project and that's a good thing when you're dealing with a lot of pieces like Myrt is on this project.

Okay, even though these mice are pictured from behind (which is a popular theme around the shop lately  (both Brenda's Ladies and Sonia's Peanuts windows focus on the back sides of the subject matter as well) there is no mistaking who these mice are!  Tom and Jerry  Mickey and Minnie Mouse are always be readily apparent from any angle that you view them!   And the work here is wonderful.  We have a double border on this window and it's really going to stand out with light behind it.

Tim's Angel window is taking shape and ready to take flight.  The oval section is now complete and Tim has begun wrapping it so we can tack it together.  Once it's tacked he'll just ad four pieces to square it off and then cut his final border which will take no time at all.  We already have someone else who's expressed interest in this pattern no doubt due to Tims fast and efficient work on his version of it.

I can't tell you how many times I turned off the light over the work table and started to get ready to take a picture of Terry's Rooster Window.  The number of pieces in it are staggeringly impressive.  But every time I went to snap the picture something else came up that would stop me.  And then I guess I just thought that I took the picture because I was surprised when I discovered that it wasn't in this weeks group of photos.  So here is the picture that inspired the rooster that Terry is working on.  Let me say that this one has nothing over on Terry's at all!

Whew, I'm glad to have this post finished. The next one is only a partial week of classes so it should be short and simple.  The thought of falling behind again wasn't pleasant so I don't want to go though that again.  Here's hoping I didn't skip anything!

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