Monday, November 26, 2018

She's Marrying Her Cousin

Our tip of the week is actually more of a hint of the week.  Sometimes you have small sharp angles that you want to grind a corner into like the piece below.  If you don't have a glass saw you might think it's impossible, but there could be a way to grind these by using your 1/4 inch bit in a slightly different way.

By holding your glass piece vertically against the small grinding wheel rather than horizontally you can make tight angles as shown below.   A word of warning though-- it takes practice and you MUST hold a sponge against the grinding wheel as you do this.   Also, be quick when soldering these areas as they WILL break more easily than other pieces due to that sharp corner.

Okay now, Brenda put the finishing touches on her Caduceus/Rod of Asclepius Window and she even cut and attached the border all on her own.  Using a different gray glass for the circular border was a great and almost unintended choice as it prevented the duller gray from washing out the window in a mass of gray.

Jeannette got two suncatchers completed while she was in class this week and since the Cross was something that she hadn't originally planned on making she was happy to see it completed quickly.   Both suncatchers turned out lovely and Jeannette is already moving along to a new project.

This Iris Window is something that I've been making for almost 40 years now.   My Uncle drew it up for me long ago and although he's no longer with us his Iris will go on forever.   I usually don't worry about colors nearly as much as our students do but I put this window on hold for a week until the blue/green border glass came in since I couldn't find anything else that really worked for me.

Linda L is working on a new window and you'd be remiss to not know that this is the Houston Astro's Logo.    There are some sharp points in this design and yes, if you look at the top piece of orange between the 'H' you'll see that this was the subject of the tip of the week in this post.   Linda will make this window in two distinct sections-- the center Star/H which will be tacked together and then the lettering that spells out Houston Astros. 


With another bird completed in her Humming Birds And Flowers Window, Martha is approaching the end of this project.   Everything fits together like a glove and this is definitely going to be a big feather in her cap when it's completed.


Cindy began work on this clear textured Cross Suncatcher while she was at home and it's near finished already.   I have a funny feeling that both this and her Santa Face (which you'll see a little later) will be finished when we next see her.

Sheri's first Circular Butterfly Window just needs a few more pieces of border wrapped and then she'll be soldering.   These Butterflies are large enough to bend a piece of zinc channel around them which will not only make them more sturdy but finish them off nicely as well.

Terry's going strong on the second section of her two piece Spiraling Flowers Window.  She's got more than half of it cut out already and it takes her almost only seconds to wrap her pieces.   Moving quickly is the name of Terry's game.


Here's a look at the Santa Face that Cindy is working on along side of the Clear Textured Cross that we saw earlier on in this post.  This week she got the border attached to this as well as a channel and then she completed the soldering on the front side.

Patrice came in and immediately tacked her background into place and then mulled over different color combinations for a double border.   Although she initially wanted to use a bright green as an accent color she ended up changing her mind once she held it near her window.  Now her thin border is another hue of purple which accentuates the flowers wonderfully.  The final border finished off a pair of good choices made by her this week.  This is almost finished!

In the past week or two Becky S's window looked only marginally different from what you see her.  The big, but hard to see, difference is  that the Egret you see below is actually white glass that has all been cut and ground.    I can't wait to see this lit up!

Beth came in and got to work figuring out how to line her latest Iris Window with bevels.  She knew she was going to do this so the window was made to fit within a beveled border but Beth still had decide on the sizes and placement for the bevels on each side.   Once that was done she wrapped them, tack them and then cut out and ground a final border which she took home to wrap.  A busy night for sure.

 This week we got to see Rowena tack together the Tiger/Louisiana section of her latest window.   She's picked out a background glass the should be in by the time she comes back and if that happens then she'll be ready for borders soon enough. 

Shelley's Once Upon A Time Window officially got a face this week and the evil queen has never looked better.  Yes, this is stained glass and none of this will ever wash off or fade in the sunlight.   Excellent!

Mary got all of the grinding done on her Santa Claus Window and even had time to start wrapping some of her pieces.   What she didn't finish wrapping she took home with her so with a little luck she'll get this tacked together so she can get the beard and face cut out upon her return.

With even more of the leaded pieces ground and wrapped, this Industrial Fleur De Lis is looking better and better each week.   It won't be long before MiMi is cutting bevels for this which will end the anticipation of cutting something you aren't supposed to cut or grind.

With all the fill-in pieces to her latest Cardinal Window cut out and tacked into place, Tracey was able to concentrate on getting her double border attached.  As you can see, she not only got both border ground and attached-- she also got a channel cut as well.  She's taken this home with her to solder so I can't wait to see how far she got when it comes back in next week.


Susan R decided that she wanted to grind the pieces in the flower of her 1920's Lady so she could tack them together which I feel is a great idea.  Doing that will turn 12 pieces into one which won't be shifting around while she's grinding the pieces that surround it.  And after the flower is completed the rest of this will likely be a piece of cake for Susan.

Lara has the front of her African Woman all soldered and the back is so close to completion that I can't see any reason why this won't be completed upon her return.   Essentially, all she has to do is wash and color this!


Here's another window that's just about 'out the door' as well.  Angie's Rose Window has its front side almost soldered already so this will get a channel and hooks when it comes back in.   Angie's work is getting better and better and she's certainly able to handle just about any problem on her own now!


Roy's working on a second LSU/Tiger Paw Window and since I forgot to take a picture of his progress I'm posting this view of his last version of this design.   This week he was able to get the claws cut out but I have little doubt that Roy will be much further along than that when he comes back in.


Lastly we take another look at something I didn't get a picture of.  Susan D worked on cutting the glass for both a Dragon Fly and a 3D Humming Bird.  I don't have a copy of the Humming bird pattern but this is the Dragonfly.   I'll be sure to give you a much better look at these when we return next week.

After a 2 week vacation, it's actually good to start to get things back to normal.  Thanksgiving  had us shift Thursday classes to Friday, but next week things will be right back to normal.


Monday, November 19, 2018

I Used To Be Ripped

Patrice came in last week with a great idea for a Tool Transporter.  It's a Bucketeer tool 'belt' that installs over a 5 gallon bucket.   With this she's got a place for everything and everything in its place.

Amazon has this one available.
             (click the text)

It's no big surprise that Linda F's Tree Of Life is nothing short of spectacular!   Most impressive of all is the fact that most of this was made from scrap glass that had been building up in Linda's workshop.  The double border, as always, set it all off nicely and also prevented any green leaves from running into the green border that Linda is so fond of.  I love it!

Here's Angie's Mermaid that she started just one week ago.   Pink hair you say?   Yep, this was made especially for someone who I believe has had pink hair in the past.   I know it's definitely been purple at one point in time!   You've gotta love it!

Jeannette's Rose window is certainly beautiful and a definite inspiration as you will see later on along in this post.   Jeannette had not a single problem while making this project quickly and efficiently.  Even her soldering is top notch!

Susan D completed her Traditional Kaleidoscope and even made a stand for it.  Below you can see it both on and off of the stand.  As far as Kaleidoscopes go, these are fairly easy to make and they produce a wonderful image.

Roy's LSU Tiger Paw Window was completed in record time and every thing about it is top tier.  It's a good thing that Roy enjoyed making this because he now has an order for another of these which he will be working on when we see him again.


Last week Jan was able to complete her Mary and Child Panel before she called it a night.  Her soldering is getting better and better with each project that she does and I can't wait to see what she tackles next.

Next up we have another variation of a Kaleidoscope that Linda L made this week.  It's called an Oil Scope and it doesn't require you to twist or turn anything to create a never repeating, exploding image when you look through it.   Check out the video clip below of what this Oil Scope reveals when you look through it.

We also saw Betty complete another Mary and Child Suncatcher which is a very popular Suncatcher/Panel indeed.    Looking at her work on this I can see that she now knows what the tough spots are and how to make them look great because I can't find a single flaw in this.

Finally, I've decided to begin posting things that I make here in the weekly blog as well.  On Halloween day I made this between classes as a remembrance to our black cat Beaufy, who wasn't with us on his favorite day of the year-- Halloween.    He certainly turned out nice indeed.

Well now, onto projects that are still in the works.   First up we see Rowena's Louisiana Tiger which is almost completely ground and truly taking shape now.  It is Beautiful with a capital B for sure and I can't wait to see this completed.   I may very well have to make one of these myself because its surely catches your eye.

Terry's first half of her Spiraling Flower Window is all ground so she worked on wrapping pieces while she was in class.  When we see her again she'll most likely apply the border to three sides of her window and then get a channel cut.   The second section of this window is surely just about to be started.


With the center of her Egret Window just about ground, Becky S will be free to begin either wrapping and tacking what she has completed, or moving along to either the top or bottom section of the window.   We'll see what she decides next week!

Patrice learned how to cut out a background using her finished Humming Bird and Morning Glories as actual pattern pieces.   After some quick grinding Patrice spent the remainder of her class wrapping her background pieces.   She's up in the air about borders but I have a few photoshopped images ready for her to look at to help make the decision a little easier.


Regardless of what it looks like, Sheri is NOT cutting out a Butterfly Window-- she's cutting out two(!) Butterfly Windows.   What you see below are the colorful pieces that make up the butterfly doubled up.   Once these are tacked together she can then cut out her background glass AFTER cutting it into a perfect circle first.

Mary's Santa Window is coming together wonderfully as she was able to get all of her glass cut out this week.   Once that was finished she moved along to the grinder where she started from the bottom up on this traditional Santa Claus.  She's taken this home with her and hopes to get some serious grinding done while we're away for a week.


MiMi's Industrial Fleur De Lis is another window that has completely taken shape now.  With a good deal of her leaded pieces completely wrapped in copper foil she'll be able to  start taking this together if she wants.   Now that she's this far along and she sees how the lead sections work she's no longer dubious about working so far along on her own on this.

And here's another Santa, this one being done by Cindy.   With only a border (or borders) left to attach, I'd say that Cindy is getting close to beginning a new project.  I'm thinking that a green border would look perfect on this, how about you?

Brenda has her Staff of Hermes Window all squared off and ready for its border which I know she's already cut because she sent me a picture of it.  I've been incorrectly referring to this as a Caduceus but I stand corrected.  At any rate, I have a sneaking suspicion that this will be completed upon Brenda's return.

Angie loved Jeannette's Rose Window that she's making one herself.   I know you can't easily see the fact that Angie has all of her background glass cut out and it's all ground already as well.   This will surely be getting a border when we next see it again.

Although Betty has a completed project at the top of this post, she's also working on numbers two and three of her Mary and Child series of large suncatchers.   She's got number 2 almost completely ground already so number three won't be far behind.

Next up we take a look at Tracey's second Cardinal Window.   It's all ground now and only needs to be foiled and tacked before this gets a border attached.  Tracey has re-cut a few pieces along the way on this project because she didn't care for the fit of a few of the pieces.  In my opinion, that is the sign of a true artist.   Anyone who is willing to re-cut pieces of glass shows me that they care about how their project looks.   And Tracey's window already shows just how much she cares. 


With everything wrapped on her Once Upon A Time Window, Shelley is ready to tack this together and then get the fused face cut out and fitted into place.  Once that's done she'll add a border and then solder away on this delightful window.

Lastly we look at Susan R's latest window which is a Woman in a Hat (with a flower).  For some reason this reminds me of the Roaring Twenties although I'm not sure if it's supposed to or not.   Whether yea or nay, I know this is going to look wonderful when it's finished.

And this is why Susan's pattern reminds me of the 20's!

So that brings us up to date.  Look for us again in one week and each week after that because our vacation days have all been used up!  :-(

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