Tuesday, April 29, 2014

It's Hip To Be Square

Making a window is one thing-- making sure that your window is square is another.  Most windows that have four straight sides need to be 'square' which means that each of the 4 corners measure 90 degrees.  It's something that carpenters build to and something that all windows should aspire to be.  Almost everyone knows that there's a tool called a Square and that it looks like a large metal L.  The angle on a Metal Square is a perfect 90 degrees.  Interestingly enough, ou don't need four Metal Squares to make sure your window is perfectly square-- just one will do.  But having two Metal Squares makes things easier though.  So let's see how we do that.

First off, a 'square' window has only 2 measurements, its height and its width.  Neither of these measurements will vary throughout the window.   If your window is 9" tall on the left side it should be 9" tall on the right (as well as in the center and all point in between).  The same goes for its width.  If your window is 12" wide on the bottom it should also be 12" tall across the top edge.  If it isn't then your window is not square. It's as simple as that.

If you have just one Metal Square you should place it in the bottom left corner and build your window inside it.  (The diagrams below have the Metal Square removed from the outline of the windows to simplify the diagrams.)  If you know that one corner is square you can easily line up the rest of your window with a few simple measurements.

If you know that your bottom left corner is a perfect 90 degrees all you need is a tape measure or a yardstick  to make sure the rest of your window squares up.  The left side measurement should be exactly the same as your right side measurement.  The same goes for your top and bottom measurements.  It's VERY important that top and bottom match, and then left and right match.

One of the biggest mistakes in using two Metal Squares is placing them in opposing corners.  This does NOT ensure that your window will be square!  As you can see in the diagram below the top Metal Square is off considerably.  If you think that you can tell when your two Metal Squares are properly placed just by looking at them, think again-- you can't.  That's why Metal Squares exist.

If you have two Metal Squares the diagram below shows the best way to use them.  By overlapping the bottoms you can ensure that your two bottom corners are perfectly square.  One your have that done all you have to do is measure the height of your window to make sure the top two corners are perfect.

As you can see below we have a perfect 9 inches running all the way across our window.  This means that  we've ensured that all four corners are a perfect 90 degrees using just 2 Metal Squares

If you don't have a Metal Square and you plan on making more than a window or two you really need to purchase at least one.  They're relatively inexpensive and will make your life easier, especially if you are making a window that fits perfectly into an opening.

DO remember this:  Almost all rectangular or square patterns that you purchase (or that I draw for you) are drawn perfectly square.  If you don't have a Metal Square then follow the lines on your pattern precisely and you should be fine.  It may sound complicated at first, but once you start paying attention to squareness while you are building a window you'll see that it becomes second nature to you.

Okay, with that out of the way let's take a look at what our students were up to in class on the first week after Easter.

Well, Linda F has completed her Christmas Wreath Window and all I can say is, "Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!"  Because without snow there's no way this window will remind you of Christmas at all.  And that's a good thing because Linda really wasn't looking to make a seasonal window.  She wanted something she could hang year round and I do think that this window fills the bill..

Rowena completed her Beveled Cross Window and it's another smashing success.  (Figuratively speaking, of course.)  She took her time soldering it and all in all I have to say that she's done extremely well.  She's got all the basics down and with each new project she makes she'll fine tune all of her skills.  As you can see, there's nothing wrong with this window!  Expect to see Rowena start a Humming Bird Window when she comes back in.

Betty's Iris and Dragonfly Window really looks spectacular.  Her use of color, her cutting and her grinding are perfect and I suspect that I am going to love this window when it's finished.  I do see a slight problem with it that we'll fix when she comes back in-- nothing major but something that obstructs the flow due to a single untraced line.  Can you spot it because this is your last chance-- it will be fixed when you see this window again in its finished form.

Bonnie resumed work on her Round/Square Cross Window but she's doing hers a little differently from the ones we've seen done in the past.  Bonnie has added a thin border to the beveled cross which helps pull it out of the background.  And speaking of background, she has hers all cut and ground already which means that she'll be working on the final border when she comes back in.

Carol's Winnie Window is really looking great.  This is the first Winnie The Pooh Window I've seen done in years and I can honestly say that Pooh's arrival here in the shop is long overdue.  Carol got the final piece of sky cut and tacked into place before cutting her red border.  She'll be soldering this when she returns and since she's taken her border pieces home with her to wrap she'll start soldering right away.

Jeannette came in and colored the large Beveled Cross Window that you saw completed last week--  I the lead just wasn't colored yet which never stops me from taking a completed picture of a window.  Once that was done she set her mind on making two smaller beveled cross suncatchers using the same design only without a background.  She got them both cut out and learned how to use pattern section replication to her advantage.  She also started grinding them and as you can see she has the first one almost finished already.

After completing her Christmas Wreath Window Linda F resumed work on her Oval/Square Cross Window.  She's already soldering this project so it's safe to say that she has no problems when it comes to cutting, grinding or wrapping.  And judging by how much she got soldered I won't be surprised to see her start yet another project next week.

This black poodle that Linda L is making has suddenly jumped to life.  She only has to add a final border to it and then she'll be set to solder this window.  As you can see she fixed the piece of glass on the neck and it made a world of difference.  The flow of the grain is such an important part of stained glass.  If  you're making a window and something looks 'off' never be afraid to change it.  With the re-cut neck piece this window is now flawless.

Shelly finished the main work behind her latest Bird and Flower Window so all she needs to do is a border as well.  She's already picked a color but I think I may have an idea to run past her when she comes back in that will help set this window off a little better while a minimal amount of extra work while still maintaining its overall style.

And that wraps things up this week but be sure to join us again in our next update which will include tips on setting your borders corners correctly as well as a bevy of pictures from a full week of classes.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hakuna Matata

This is going to be a real quick update because we only had one class this week.  That said, we still have 6 projects to look at with two of them being completed so let's get started.

Terry's Scar Window is finished and it turned out exactly as I expected it would-- incredible.  I don't know what it is about cartoon characters and stained glass but they always seem to go together well.  Maybe it's the similar art style or the colors, but whatever it is you can see it in action here.

Jeanette finished this large Beveled Cross Window last week but there were so many windows completed I felt that I needed to skip at least one of them so it wouldn't just get lost in the flood of completed projects.  And knowing that this week would be a short one I decided to hold back unveiling Jeannette's window so it could get the spotlight that it deserves.  She did a great job on this and she likes it so much she's already begun making smaller versions of just the cross itself which you'll see when she returns.  This is another job well done.

Cindy is making some incredible progress on her Magnolia Window.  With the three Magnolias not only cut out but ground as well, Cindy will have this completed before you know it.  I love her colors and know for a fact that she'll be using clear Glue Chip for her background.  

Martha came in and surprised me when she was holding this Louisiana State Trooper Badge Window.  As you can see she has this almost completed already and she just started it yesterday.  She's grinding as she's cutting so almost all that you see here is fitted into place already.  I'm in awe of the work that Martha has been accomplishing.

Myrt's Cross window is so close to being completely ground that I can almost smell the copper foil on it already.  She's a little concerned that the cross won't stand out against the glass she's picked for her background but Myrt has nothing to worry about-- her background is clear and the cross is opaque so once this is off the table and has some light behind it the two will differentiate beautifully.   

And lastly we take a look at the newest Oval Beveled Cross Window that Brenda is making.  She has her oval all tacked together already and that means that all she needs to do now is grind the four corners and then add a border.  In other words, all the hard work is done!  This is the first time in a long while that I've seen someone use a lot of granite red in a project.  I used to use it all the time and love how it contrasts with clear glass.  What you see below isn't even back lit and it already has a rich look look about it.  I can't wait to see it completed!

And that sums it up for our classes for the week before Easter.   We want to wish everyone a happy Easter and we can't wait to see all of our students next week.

Bayou Salé GlassWorks

Monday, April 14, 2014

She Doesn't Like Accolades

Our students certainly are productive.  Each week we have more and more to see, and more and more to write about!  A lot of the students enjoy the other student creations so much that they want to make the same window (with perhaps different colors) for themselves, but lately we've been having a hard time tracking down patterns.  I'd like to remind everyone that if we draw a pattern for you the pattern becomes the property of the shop so others can also benefit from it.  If you want to copy a pattern you can certainly trace it out any time you'd like and then keep that copy for yourself.  Drawing a pattern is a very time consuming deed so please remember to put patterns that we draw for you into one of the pattern containers when you've finished your window.  And do remember that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!  (Or so says Charles Caleb Colton.)

Let's start this off with two windows that have drawn a lot of attention.  Cindy's Bentley and Beau Dog Windows have officially been completed.  Everyone loves them and thinks that Cindy really captured something in their eyes (which are always difficult to do).  She simply took her time, didn't rush them, and replaced anything that looked wrong whether or not it fit.  As I always say, your pieces may fit together but that doesn't necessarily mean that they line up correctly.  And having pieces line up is the most important thing of all when it comes to making stained glass.  Just ask Bentley or Beau!  Another job well done, Cindy. 

Terry's Pelican Window is 100% Complete and looks 100% perfect.  What a great job she did on this window and although you can't see it in the picture, it's really a perfect perfect size that we don't see very often.  It's smaller than our standard 16 x 20 window size but not small enough to be called a suncatcher.   I love it!

Becky B completed her Fleur De Lillie this week but to manage that feat she needed to come in on Wednesday AND Thursday!  As luck would have it we had an opening on Wednesday morning that allowed Becky to come in and get her border wrapped and then tacked onto her window.  She also got the front side soldered as well and then called it quits for the first day of the week with us.  The next morning she returned, finished soldering the back side, washed it, colored it, washed it again, and waxed it.  And the results of these efforts are what you see before.  Wow, what a great job.  This window really shows how changing colors can really effect the overall feel of a window.  It's one way of making sure that the window you made is YOURS!

Brenda's newest Beveled Cross Design was a bit easier to make than her last one but that doesn't make it any less attractive.  Once again the overall  design was drawn by Brenda and both the design and craftsmanship is wonderful.  You'll see ANOTHER variation of this further along in the Blog.

It's a bird... it's a plane... it's a Candle Holder!   Bonnie wrapped this one up while she was at home and it required not one single touch-up from me at all.  Bonnie's 3D Soldering is perfection and whether she wants to hear it or not I'm giving her one of the two best soldering jobs of the week awards.  Both she and her husband get a free trip to wonderful Yugoslavia! Great job, Bonnie!


Ann's Latest Letter Window is complete and she gets an honorable mention for her soldering which has really improved.  Soldering is the worst part when it comes to making stained glass.  If you cut badly you can fix it with the grinder, but there's no covering a bad solder job.  And as you can see this is a GREAT solder job so Ann should be proud of this window.  She must really love those little FDL's in the corners though because her next window is going to have them as well!

Janet came in hoping to get her Rosebud Window completed in time for Easter.  She anxiously (and nervously) began soldering and managed to overcome her worst fear because her soldering gets her the second best soldering job of the week award!  What did I have to touch up?  Nothing!  Janet has really hit a turning point with her stained glass abilities because her soldering is no longer anything that she needs to worry about. There's nothing to complain about with this gorgeous window. And I'm sure she's going to be more relaxed in class now that she knows she's conquered her biggest fear.

Check out Winnie The Pooh!  Now that he's all wrapped with foil you can easily see where the lead lines are going to be.  The face paint has been applied so what you're looking at below has not been applied with a marker that will wash off the moment water hits it-- this face is ON THERE!  When Carol comes back in she'll tack this all together and then cut her final piece of sky.  In other words, this window is just about finished!  Carol has really done some great work on this especially when you consider that this is only her second window.  I'm already seeing great things in her future with us.

Becky S has made a lot of headway on her Boot Window.  In fact, she has it completely cut out and ground at this point in time.  She's replaced a piece of glass for aesthetic reasons and I agree with her choice 100%. She's going to begin wrapping this while she's at home so it will certainly be finished quickly now.

This is a preview of the latest window that Cindy is beginning to work on.  She only got the pattern traced and the paper pattern cut out but she'll start cutting on actual glass for this Magnolia Window before she comes back in.  It's a nice flowing design (The artist is nothing short of amazing) and I have no doubt that Cindy will more than do it justice.

And Mary Grace's Large Fleur De Lis Window is moving along wonderfully.  She has the front side almost completely soldered and although she's pointing out flaws to me they are minor flaws that only she would notice.  She'll be working on the back side of this when she returns after Easter so I think she'll be starting another project shortly.

Abita, meet lead.  Yep, it's official-- Susan has started tacking her window together which has become so very important at this stage in the game for her.  Especially when I saw the board she had this on bowing as she carried it into the shop this week.  Now her pieces have no chance of getting tossed around and mixed up, and better yet, the window is now solid enough to continue along without having pins in the way.

Now meet Scar from The Lion King.  Terry's making this from a drawing that her grandson, Caleb, drew and hoped could be done in stained glass.  Well, I'd be hard pressed to see something that Terry couldn't do and this is turning out beautifully.  Of course, she started off with such a wonderful drawing that it couldn't help but turn out any other way.  I love this window already and it isn't even wrapped yet!

This is the latest Beveled Cross Oval that Brenda is making.  It's a tad more fancy than the one she finished up above only because the oval now has flourishes on the top and bottom but other than that it will be very similar.  Nonetheless, when this is completed you will see what a difference six little pieces of glass can make to a window.   There will also be a few pattern adjustments along the way that are common to a second version of a window because, no matter how perfect that first one is, there's always something that the artist sees that will be fixed if it's ever made again.

Betty now has all but 2 pieces of glass cut for her Iris Dragonfly Window.   She cut a rectangle of her background glass, placed her flowers on top and then traced around everything.   The background is clear and hard to see in the picture but it's essentially all cut out now.  And the best part of using this method of cutting backgrounds is that she only needs to skim the pieces to make everything fit.  I really like this window and Betty's pretty sure that she's got the border picked out already (and I like the idea she has for it).

Linda F got home last week and planed to do some soldering on her window before she brought it back in but then she discovered that she had left her soldering iron here in the shop.  So she took the week off and began soldering this as soon as she got back in class.  She's moving along nicely, too because she already has most of the front side done.   I know her soldering iron went home with her this week so there's a good chance that this will be completed when she comes back in.   I can't wait to see it lit up!

Jeanne has her Horse Silhouette all tacked together and has her channel attached.  All that's left to do is solder it and she plans on doing that while she's at home this week.  And rather than waste any time she's taken along a Fleur De Lis Bevel and some glass to use for a background.  It sounds to me like Jeanne is enjoying this!  Me, I'm dying to see her horse completed which could easily be in two more posts.

Paul's Iris looks wonderful.  Yes, it's missing a flower petal but that's going to be fixed when she comes back in.  She got everything tacked together and even got the first of her two borders cut and ground.  She's taken this home and will be ready for theat flower petal and final border when she comes back in.  Then it will just need some some solder!

Rowena certainly accomplished a lot this week.  She has her Beveled Cross window all cut out and ready for solder!  This is a variation on the smaller windows that Martha made just before Christmas and is the same design that Jeannette is making right now as well.  And we haven't forgotten Jeannette-- more about her at the end of this post.

This is Myrt's Square/Rounded Cross window and she's got it all cut and mostly ground.  She's taken it on home with her so she can work on it throughout the week so I would expect some major progress on this when this comes back in.  

Bonnie is also in the process of making one of the Square/Rounded Cross windows and this is the cross that will sit in the center of it.  The cross itself is a little different from the one that Myrt is making but the idea is essentially the same.  This week she learned the joys of cutting angled pieces from one another to form borders.  You just have to cut one piece at a time while you grind along the way to ensure perfect fits.

And just look at how cute Linda L's Poodle Window looks.  There's just the neck and seven pieces of background glass left to cut before she surrounds this with bevels and then perhaps a final border.  Linda is already talking about tackling a Mickey Mouse Window next, something that she was afraid of trying earlier but is now certainly ready to accomplish (with ease I might add).

And Martha is moving quickly and succinctly through her two Stylized Fleur De Lis.  She even went so far as to place some of her pieces on the glass in ways that would have had me scratching my head on how to  cut them out without breaking anything.  And then she cut them out effortlessly!  Yep, Martha's time has come!

So, you might be wondering, "So, where is Jeanette's Cross Window.  I thought you said it would most likely be finished this week?" Well, her window HAS been completed but I'm saving it for the next update which will happen on Wednesday morning (in just 2 short days) since it will be just a small post with only one class being covered due to Easter occuring this coming weekend.  I just want to be sure that I have a completed project to highlight in the Blog and since this post is already filled with windows it will give Jeannette's first window a chance to shine in the spotlight  So look for another update in just 2 short days!

Bayou Salé GlassWorks

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Need a Biscuit Recipe? Call Cleco!

Since we've had a few people ask about coloring their projects and how I manage to get my work to take color so evenly I'm going to pass along a few pointers here.  First, don't wash the flux off your window until you are ready to patina it.  Second, if you have washed it off, don't panic.  You just need to remove the oxidation from the lead and that can easily be done with the scrubby side of a scrubby sponge.  But don't go crazy with the scrubber as I've seen some clear glass get scratched with these types of sponges (but it does take a new sponge and some elbow grease to actually scratch the glass).  If you're concerned about scratching your window then use some 0000 Steel Wool instead and then buff it down with a plain dry paper towel.  Third, don't be afraid to use some patina.  Lay it on heavy and you'll find it colors better.  That's not to say that you should use a bottle on each project but when you see that the liquid isn't coloring anymore then add some more.  Fourth, I've found that a 2" x 2" piece of felt works best as a patina applicator but your mileage may vary.  Fifth, if you're using copper patina keep your project wet while going over it.  NEVER LET PATINA DRY ON YOUR WINDOW!  Once you have the second side of your window colored go over the first side quickly and then wash it.  Don't leave the copper patina on your project any longer than necessary.  However, if you are using black patina then allow the project to sit for 15 minutes or longer (no more than a half hour though) for a darker black color.  Sixth, wash your project well.  I only use soap for my black projects.  And seventh, lightly (but thoroughly) wax your lead with a quarter sized drop of liquid Turtle Wax that has been rubbed into a cloth (a washrag works wonderfully) and then buff it to a shine with a second cloth (a washrag again) when finished.   And that's how I patina a window.  Just remember to take your time when finishing your window.  You don't just dump icing on that masterpiece of a cake that you just made, right?  Cleaning your window is a very important step in the process of making Stained Glass

Ok, I guess it's time to take a look at our students work and we're starting things off with Brenda who worked on this window while at home during the week and brought it in for hooks and a picture.  She's worried that it might have a spot too much of purple but I disagree comletely.  The two different shades compliment each other and contrast perfectly with the clear glue chip she used in the background.Here's what I think: I love everything about it.

Betty wasn't completely satisfied with her window this week either and again I don't understand why.  The workmanship is spot on, the colors are perfectly matched (green and yellow-- you can't go wrong there) and the overall design is attractive and flows nicely.  If you're anything like me you'll have to agree that there's nothing wrong with this at all.

Brenda not only made that beautiful Purple Cross Window-- she also completed her Oval Framed Fleur De Lis Panel this week.  As far as I know she now has nothing in the works.  I'm sure she has something in mind though so I can't wait to see what she ends up surprising me with when she comes back in. And would you believe it just dawned on me that her cross window and this one share a common oval! 

And this is Becky S's second Rosebud Window.   Yes, it's very much like the first one and that's what makes this such an incredible piece of craftsmanship.  If you put her two  windows together they look as though they were machine made because the cutting between them is perfect.  Becky always strives for perfection and I'm proud to say that she always achieves it!!

Next we take a second look at the FDL Window that Myrt completed two weeks ago. What makes this a better view is the fact that you can see what it looks like installed in the window it will most likely stay in from hereon out.  I love to see our students projects hanging in homes because windows always look better in their natural surroundings.

When Becky S completed her second Rosebud Window she planned on making an initial window for her brother as her next project.  Her pattern is ready but she has hasn't been able to get a color nailed down so she's moved ahead to this colorful cowboy boot which will include some wire work and some glass glob overlays when it's completed.

Myrt's been hard at work making this Cross window and it just needs 2 more pieces of amber glass to be cut before she can start doing some grinding on it. And when I say 'some' I mean very little.  As you can see things are fitting together beautifully already so it won't be long before this window goes out the door.

Linda L's Poodle just needs its sweater ground and then it will be  ready to be wrapped.  She got the eyes and mouth all fitting together this week and already has the glass for the sweater cut out.  Linda used as much of the natural shading in the black glass as possble but the piece that forms the neck of the poodle has a harsh straight white line across it which she plans on replacing .  It's definately a move for the better as straight lines in glass are always distracting.  Glass should flow smoothly and naturally.

At the other end of the dog pound we have Cindy's dogs which are both officially cut out in their entirety.  Even the border strips have been cut to size and skimmed which means that they will only need to be wrapped and tacked  before she can officially begin the soldering process on these two puppies.

Then we have Linda F who is making great progress on her Christmas Wreath Window which has just 2  small pieces left to cut.  Mark my words, she'll be soldering this before you  know it.  Just don't let the name fool you because this is a perfect all-year-round window.   I'm already wondering what she'll be making next.

This week saw Mary Grace attach the zinc channel to her Fleur De Lis Window so she could  begin soldering.  And Mary Grace is doing great by taking her time during the soldering process.  This was wrapped in 1/4 inch foil so there's a lot more solder to melt and that extra solder tells her that she needs to move her iron even slower than normal to get that nice smooth lead line.  So far it's looking great and I'm not expecting that to change!   Oh, and she also started a fan lamp while she was at home which you can see inset in the lower right of the picture of her FDL.

Janet has taken a quick break from her Fleur De Lis Windows to begin working on a Rosebud Window of her own  There has been  a lot of talk in all the classes about this Pattern and Janet is the second person to decide to make one for herself.  Well, since it's going to be a gift I guess that technically she isn't making it for herself, but she's getting a nice amount experience while making this. 

Rowena came in for her second class and managed to get the background all cut and ground for her Large Cross Window.  In fact, she  even got her bevels all wrapped and tacked into place by the end of the day.  Wow, she's really moving quickly!  Expect a border on this when she comes back in.

And speaking of borders, Becky B is all ready for the border on her Fleur De Lillie Window.  This week saw her get the background cut and ground (which went quickly because she used the glass FDL as the actual pattern).  Becky wants this window to be completed in time for Easter so she's under the gun, so to speak.  At first I didn't think that she'd be able to make it in time but we have an opening in another class that Becky is going to step in to so she can get some extra time in on this window.  That means we get to see Becky twice in the upcoming week and I do believe that her window will be completed!

Paula now has all of the  glass cut and ground for her Long Tall Iris Window.  We found a piece that had a chip off the bottom that's just too large a chip to try to cover so we're fixing it by leaving a hole in the window.  But only until it's tacked together!  Once it's tacked Paula will simply  put a piece of glass under the window,  trace around the opening, and and then cut out a replacement that will fit perfectly.  And once that's done she'll begin to add her two final borders.

Ann's J window is so close to completion that it isn't even funny.  She has the circular J all soldered and the brass channel has been added so it's fair to assume that this will be finished when she comes back in.  Ann will be doing another version of this design with a Fleur De Lis in the center when she completes this one.

Martha started working on a new  Stylized Fleur De Lis Window in an all new color scheme.  She's got the paper pattern traced and cut out as well as a few actual pieces of glass.  She's made this window before so I doubt she'll have any problems with this one.  The second time is always easier!

It was a close race but in the end time won and Terry didn't quite get her Pelican Window completed.  All it needs is a channel and some hooks and this will be finished.  It's so close to completion that I will bet anyone a hundred dollars that Terry has this completed before she comes back into class.  (Don't take that bet-- I know for a fact that it's completed because she brought it back in so I could get a picture of it in the daylight.)  Look for that picture in our next post because it's beautiful!

Jeannette has all the glass cut on her  Large Beveled Cross Window and it's looking GREAT!  Her use of only one color (a vibrant, striking red) against clear glass really makes this window stand out.  And then there are the bevels which NEVER detract from a window.   I've always been a fan of red against clear and this window shows you exactly why.  This is another project that I can't wait to see hanging in the sunlight.

Of course Betty's Iris Window is moving along nicely as well.  She's  grinding this as she goes along and that means that all of those leaves that you see are already perfectly fitted into place (which you can tell by noticing Betty's excellent use of pins to keep things from shifting as she's grinding).  She's begun cutting the actual Iris Petals now and just wait until you see the purple Youghiogheny glass that she picked, light up.  It may look and feel difficult to cut but it actually cuts as beautifully as it looks.  I have no clue what she plans on using for the background of this window but I am very curious to see if she goes with a blue sky or a clear textured glass.

With the border all cut for her Horse Head Window, Jeanne is just about ready to solder this beast!  The glass she picked for her border didn't  quite make the length of her sides so Jeanne needed to piece her border together.  She did a great job of matching glass flows and colors between pieces because you can't tell where the new joins are.  That's some nice attention to detail that Jeanne is always paying attention to.

Meanwhile, Bonnie  cut, ground, wrapped and assembled  her second Candle Holder this week.  I think it's safe to say that she has this process down pat at this point in time.    But there's always  a shortcut somewhere along the way and Bonnie just discovered one that will help make this project go even faster if she does one again.  She's taken this one home to put some finishing solder touches on it and I know she'll have this completed when she comes back in.

And last, but certainly not least is Carol's wonderful Winnie The Pooh Window.  She has this ground and ready to be wrapped already!  Yes, I'll admit that there's a huge section of sky missing but she's going to cut and grind that once Winnie's is tacked together to ensure a perfect fit between winnie's face and the sky.  If it doesn't fit perfectly  his face will look like he's got a botched case or plastic surgery and we certainly don't want that!

In winding things up for this week I want to let anyone out there know that we still have one opening available for our next weekend workshop which will happen after Easter on May 3rd and 4th.  It's a two day affair and you leave with a completed 16 x 20 window.  Check out the details here.