Saturday, July 4, 2009

Plenty To See At The Farmer's Market

We've been setting up a booth and selling at the Farmer's Market in Franklin on Tuesdays and Saturdays so we've been knocking out a few new items to take with us. During this past week we added this stained glass sun that we drew up for a student but hadn't actually been made yet. Now it's made and we can see what it looks like.

We also have a 3D heart completed. I'd lost my original pattern and only made one of these so I could see what the finished size looked like before committing to a number of them at this size. In my opinion it's the perfect size so I'll be making at least a few more of these.

I had made one of these Humming Birds years ago and someone expressed an interest in it after seeing the photograph on the website. I redrew it and, like the 3D Heart, I think it came out just right. This one's fun to make and we've had a LOT of people comment on it.

These are some quick and simple beveled suncatchers. This one has yellow accents.
This one has peach/champagne accents.
And this one has blue accents.

Now we're on to what happened during classes during the week. Gerald did return and he's got all of his blue water cut for the bottom of his large Iris window. All that's left is some background glass and he'll be all set with this.

Janice has the background cut for one of her windows. It's hard to see against the white pattern paper but take my word-- it's cut!

While I was in town the other day I found myself just a block away from Janice's house and snapped this picture so you can see how the windows look on the front of the house. Nest time I hope to grab a picture at night with the light on in the room the windows are installed in. You can't begin to imagine how nice they look with light behind them.

And Grace has begun wrapping her window. She's got more than a quarter of the window finished which tells me that her speed in wrapping has increased dramatically.
Sadly, Cheryl was unable to make it in this week due to a number or babies being born at the hospital (she's a nurse). But had she shown up she would have begun working on her latest Invitation box. This is the pattern for it. I guess she'll start it next week.

So if you're in Franklin Saturday morning (7 - 12) or Tuesday afternoons (2-6) drop by the Farmers Market to visit us and see everything there is to see there.

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