Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Quiet Week

It was a slow week here at the shop in terms of classes, but we do have a lot of progress to report.

Sheila made a lot of headway on her window. Not only did she get her flowers and leaves cut but she has everything ground and ready to wrap. She's taken it home with her so she can wrap everything before she comes back into class next week. She used Stipple glass for her flower petals and the colors are incredible. This is going to light up spectacularly.

Janice continued soldering her 2nd Fleur De Lis Window and has this one pretty much under control now. It will be going home with her next week for sure so expect to see a picture of it completed next week.

Grace didn't have anything picked out yet to work on for herself so she cut out the four corner clusters for her mother's next (and final) Fleur De Lis window. She ground one of the corners and took the other three home to finish there. I suspect that this 3rd window will pretty much fly together for Janice. Here's a look at one of the ground corner sections that Grace finished.

Jane began working on her Trellis Window while she was at home and came in with her flowers all cut, ground, wrapped and tacked together. The hard part (or so she thought) was cutting the actual trellis and getting it to line up nicely. Luckily the strip cutter made short work of that and as you can see the only thing left to do is trim all the edge pieces. Next week she'll cut the clear glass squares that drop in between the trellis.

Although I didn't get a picture of the flowers that Jane will inset into the trellis, I did snap a quick picture of the pattern to give you a rough idea of what she's going for. The flowers are a nice purple color with nice deep green leaves. Once all the trellis is ground and laid out Jane will arrange her flowers and leaves on top of it, trace them and cut them into place. This insures a nice fit and keeps her lines all straight.

Sadly, it was a quiet week here. We had decided to let the students help themselves to all the scrap glass we had cut over the years and from the set of windows we did for the Baton Rogue job. It's all gone now but I'm sure we'll have more to offer in the future.

In the shop we're finishing up the two large curved windows that we've been working on. Expect to see them delivered shortly.

See you all next week.

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