Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Framed Again

It was a quick and easy week 2 weeks ago. Classes are almost finished for this week but computer issues have kept me from updating our students progress from last week. Luckily these issues have been resolved so let's look at what happened 7 days ago during our classes.

Julie was sort of in-between projects and while trying to decide what she'd do next she opted to make another frame. A simple one night project that took her, well, just one night to do. :-) When she finished it I realized just how nice these always turn out and just how long it's been since I've made any of these. I'm going to have to make a few for the shows that we have coming up. Great job Julie, you've put a fire under the teacher's arse.

Patty is really moving along with her window. She did all the brickwork in this past class and then moved on to the grinding process. As you can tell by the pin heads in the picture (if you look closely) she has the lower left corner ground. With all the glass cut the hardest part of this project is over and the rest of this window is all down hill.

Ahh, now here's something we haven't seen in a while now. Janice is back to work on Windows 1 and 2 of the 4 she has left to make before she retires this pattern. Obviously she hasn't forgotten how to work on this because in just one night she got 2 of her centers all cut out. Now that's what I call good work!
And Grace came in with her Fleur De Lis Tiger Eye ready to be ground and wrapped. She hit the grinder and within an hour or so she had it all fitting together perfectly. She wrapped the pieces before the night was through and even had enough time to tack it together but we decided to wait until the following week for that rather than letting it sit and extra week with flux on it. Here's her Tiger eye all ready for solder.

And Grace isn't the only person making a Tiger Eye-- We have Camille making a pair of them in his window. With his borders all cut, ground and tacked together he started soldering his first project. He got all of the LSU section completed and some of the tiger eye section before calling it a day. I know he'll finish this during the next class because his next class happened this morning!
This brings us up to date. We only have 1 more class with 2 students arriving this week so we'll have a new post before the weekend.

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