Monday, February 22, 2010

We're Bayou Salé Glass not The Gap

We have plenty of completed projects this week so let's start the unveiling.

Here we get a look at Patty's 'Tabasco' window completed and hanging. I love the red she used in her bricks and really want to use it for flowers in a Peony lamp. But enough about what I plan to do and more about Patty. Her window was a big hit all the while she was working on it. It's just a shame that the students who enjoyed watching it take shape couldn't see the finished window in person but this picture captures it perfectly.

In this final round, Janice now has 1 window down and only 3 more to go. The second one is just waiting for its background to be cut so it will be finished within the next few weeks. I know I've said it each time I posted a finished version of these windows but I have to say it again: I just love the colors she decided to do this pattern in. Janice already has a number of projects lined up after she finishes the last of these windows.

Roxie decided to make a small project rather than something large and this cross was a perfect pick. Considering that she ordered many of these crosses from us around Christmas time it's only fitting that she's actually made one herself now. Look for a larger project from Roxie next week!Jane has gone butterfly happy. While she was home she reduced the size of her first lawn ornament butterfly so she now has 3 different sizes to chose from. The first two pictured below are the original 12" versions of the pattern.

And these 2 are Jane's smaller 9" butterflies. She's on a roll and I know we'll be seeing more of these next week.
All of Julie's window is cut and she's ground the lower section up to the bottom of the middle Iris. When you really look at the pattern you can see that she's about halfway finished with the grinding portion of this project. I expect to see it all ground and ready for foil next week. Julies moving along nicely with this project so I'd best get out my pencil and get the companion window to this one drawn up quickly!

Grace has her borders all cut and tacked so this window is ready to be soldered. She has it all tacked together but we want a nice, smooth, rounded bead of lead on all of her lines. We won't settle for anything less than perfection! And Grace has the soldering ability to make that happen.

We'll only have 4 students next week but we'll still have completed projects. This post is a little over a week late so expect us to get caught up with all that's happened in class by Saturday.

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