Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lacking Class

It was a very short week for classes since we made a trip to Atlanta to pick up glass for the next set of church windows we'll be doing. We left on Wednesday morning and got back late Thursday which means that we only had time for one set of classes this week. With only 3 students in that class there isn't all that much to look at but that will change with our next update.

Terry completed her Caduceus Window as I had suspected she would. In the end she decided that it looked great just leaving the lead silver rather than coloring it black or copper. I tend to agree since the black would disappear and the copper wouldn't really match anything. The silver gave it some extra contrast against her black pieces.

Cindy got all of her Sports De Lis Window completed save for the soldering. She plans to finish this at home and bring it back so it can have its picture taken next week. I like the way she went with numerous colors throughout this design --it gives it a completely different look from the way we've seen this made before.

And winding things up this week is a look at Myrt's Rooster Window all ground and ready to be foiled. Do you see all those pins holding all her pieces in place? That means that this window will fit together perfectly after she wraps it because the pieces have space in between them that the foil will fit into without causing the window to stretch out of shape. Our Tuesday night students know full well the importance of pinning their projects while they are grinding them.

That's all there is to report this week but trust me when I tell you that there will be plenty more to see when we come back with our next update.

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