Monday, December 10, 2012

Birds, Fur, Badges, and Balls

This is our second post in as many days and then I'll only need to do one more to be caught up.  The only problem is that classes start again tomorrow so as soon as I post the 3rd update I'll have  another weeks worth of projects to photograph and write up.   But if my schedule holds up we'll be 100% up to date on Sunday evening.  As for this week, let's get started!

Wow, just look at this window.  Terry's Rooster is certainly an impressive piece of art.  Everything from the design to the colors and even the textures of the glasses she picked just make this window a stand out piece.  I often say that less is more but in this case the overall effect seems to have been multiplied by the number of pieces Terry had to cut, grind and wrap.  Great job Terry!

At the same time Brenda managed to complete her Ladies Walking Window.  Hats are apparently back in fashion because everyone who sees this window comments on how much they like it.  Brenda did a great job with it as you can see here in the picture.

And Brenda wasn't content with simply finishing her Ladies Walking Window-- she also managed to put the finishing touches on her Soccer Ball Window as well.  I think Slone is going to be very happy with this present!

Ann was back in and made some major progress on her two Geometrically designed windows.  With both of them now ground and fitting together all she needs to do next is wrap and then solder these.  I doubt that the soldering will take much time at all so I'm predicting that she easily completes these  for Christmas as she had hoped to.  After that she'll begin working on a larger version of the same basic design.

Brenda's newest Lady window has hair styled (i.e. Drawn) by her sister Terry.   There's a lot of hair coming out from under that hat and I don't see a single split end.  Rest assured that this is a window we'll see completed in our next post.  This is a nice design that both Brenda and Terry came up with (and basically made) on their own.

Donna's Bluebird Window is very near completion also.  With the front side completely soldered there's only the back side to go before she can take this home and hang it.  Donna has done really well with this project and really seems to be comfortable with every aspect of the process.  I can't wait to see what she decides to do next.

Jane now has the lions share of her window ground and the only glass that she needs to cut out yet will be the sky and the brown branches.  She's going to piece the sky together after everything else is tacked together to ensure a quick and easy fit.  She still has a few pieces to grind under the lower right Iris but the hardest part of this window is now done with. 

Martha's window is all ground and wrapped.  Aside from the lettering all that she needs to do is cut 5 pieces of background glass and then add the border.  There's also a small missing piece of yellow but that's completely under control.  :-)  This is another Christmas gift and I don't see any problem with having this completed on time.

Myrt took a break from her Hot Air Balloon Window and started making this Tiger Eye window.  It's not even completely ground and yet you can easily make out what it is.  This was a spur of the moment Christmas window and she accomplished everything you see here at home.  And it's coming together perfectly!

Terry decided that after making that first Rooster Window she'd make another less complicated version.  What you see here is the start of her second Rooster window.  She made a lot of headway in class and I suspect it will spread its wings and fly out the door completed in about 2 weeks.  (Wait until you see how much more work she has completed on this in our next update)

Tim's Angel is another window being worked on here that's really moving along.  This is yet another project that we'll see completed in our next blog post.  Everything went together perfectly for Tim and his attention to detail when it comes to grinding and foiling are second to none.  He was originally going to border this in the same glass that the Angel's dress was cut from but in the end we went with a softer purple that everyone agreed worked best. 

Now I must confess that I doubt we'll see the next blog update until Thursday or Friday after classes are finished for the week.  Then I'll do a regular Sunday/Monday post which will have us completely up to date again.  There are a lot of completed projects in the next post so hang tight and I'll send you a link to it when we're ready for the unveiling.

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