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Yarn Ornaments

There's more than one way to skin a cat and therefore there's more than one way to number your pattern pieces.   The most important tip I can give you is to NOT jump around the pattern while numbering.   One thing that people tend to do which is a bad idea is too try to keep similar pieces numbered in sequence.   You should never put a number in one piece and then skip halfway across the pattern to fill in the next number.  If you find piece number 45 on your pattern then piece 46 should be within one or two pieces of it.   If you jump all over with your numbers you aren't making anything any easier for yourself.   In the picture below pick any random number and you'll find that the next number will be somewhere near it.   Go ahead and count out all the pieces starting with #1 and you'll see that although we move somewhat erratically around the pattern we never really move more than two pieces away from the piece we're on.  That's a good numbering system.

Terry's Egrets and Magnolias Window is a beautiful window indeed.  It's been far too long since we last saw this pattern made and Terry added that flair to this version that she does to all of her work.   Incredible.

Jeannette completed her Mallard Window and wow did she do a great job on this.   With nothing more than a question here and there Jeannette started and finished this all on her own.   It's not only a wonderful window, it's an exquisite piece of art as well.

Bonnie made this Butterfly from a single piece of glass.  By carefully positioning her pattern pieces on the glass it looks as though she's used at least 2 different colored pieces.  The trick is in making it look symmetrical which Bonnie did wonderfully.


Sheri came in and completed not one but two different projects.  The first being a Mustache Nightlight (look closely and you'll find it) which I'm suspecting has something to with her husband (who I believe has a mustache).   Then she finished up her Angler Fish Suncatcher from Finding Nemo.   There's a lot of wire work on this fish which really makes it look great.   While looking up its name I found an interesting piece of trivia that I'm passing on to you.   In real life, Angler Fish are only 3 inches long which makes this suncatcher a GIANT!


Tasha's Balloon 'J' Window was completed this week and he soldering was spectacular on it.  Now that it is finished you can easily see how the lead lines form the string that ties the bottom of the balloon closed in a knot.

Rowena's latest finished piece is a large Owl Suncatcher that never turns out anything but great.   We've had numerous different Owl Suncatchers made throughout the years but this one has always caught my eye.   It's simple but expressive and that says a lot.

Brenda's latest Beveled Cross Suncatcher was made with White Iridised Glass which shows up wonderfully in the picture.

Our newest Student is Linda V and this is her first suncatcher with us.   Yes, it's the standard butterfly but we wanted to see just where Linda V was with her glass cutting abilities since she's done this before.  As you can see she did very well indeed and she's going to be starting on a Mickey Mouse Panel Lamp when she returns next week.

Susan D finished this 3D Hummingbird which she turned into a lawn ornament but soldering a stake to its back side (which I've cropped out of the photo).  It's Susan's own design and adding the 3D effect was also her own idea.  Splendid indeed!

And in finishing off both our completed projects and our Lawn Ornaments we take a look at Linda F's two latest Butterfly Lawn Ornaments.  The blue one on the right was even done in 3D!


After completing her two Butterflies, Linda F decided to start working on a Flowerpot Window that other students have already fallen in love with after only seeing the pattern.   She's got her four flower pots cut out and I'm so happy to see that she went with different colors for each of them.    Using the same color for each pot would have sort of 'blanded' this window out.  Now it will certainly be vibrant!

Betty got all of the background cut out for her flowing Iris Window and although you can't really see the color of the background in the picture it is actually a yellowish /green glass which I've never cared for and have never used in the past BUT there's a time and place for everything and this window is the time and place for this glass.  I absolutely love this combinations and will be keeping this in mind for future projects that I work on.  

Carol began working on this Track Window and the Winged Running Shoe really gets the point across.  Carol didn't get this far in just one class-- she started working on this while she was at home, but the quality and the amount of work she accomplished are something to be proud of.  When it's not raining Carol manages to get a lot done around the house...

Cindy has been busy, busy, busy!   She's got a fully completed panel for her Panel lamp and she also has the fronts of two decorative trays cut out, ground, wrapped and tacked together as well!  And one of them has the ever dreaded corn kernels in it!  She's got these completely under control and I think we'll see more of this lamp for at least a few more weeks to come.

Tracey's Cardinal Window is officially cut and ground now.  She'll work on wrapping this next and before you know it she'll have her third window completed with us.  This is beautiful work from a very new student so color me impressed.

Rowena will be on an animal themed suncatcher run for a while and things are starting off with this Lion's Head.   In the next few weeks we'll see her tackle an elephant, a bear, a tiger, and something else that has totally slipped my mind (that I have written down in the shop).


Lara's Ballerina Window looks better and better with each passing week.   She's already set to put a border on this and she's decided to do a double border.  When a window looks as good as this one does you really have to go with a double border.


This is Shelley's Fleur De Lis Window that you last saw as a jumble of pieces on the work table.   As you can see she's made great headway on this window and I give Shelley two HUGE thumbs up for building this within a frame to ensure that this window will remain square throughout it's creation process.


Ann is so close to begin soldering her Fleur De Lis Window.   All the glass has been cut and all she needs to do is grind and then wrap the double border that surrounds this.  Once that's done she'll get a channel on this and then begin adding the lead to this piece.  Sadly, Ann will be MIA for the next few weeks but that doesn't mean we'll forget about her because I'm sure someone will be bringing her name up and telling interesting stories about her!


This is Bonnie's newest project and it's a medium sized Flower Suncatcher that she'll be placing on her own version of a Flower Cornucopia.  More is NEVER enough especially when it comes to Lawn Ornaments!

Jeanne came in and managed to get all of the pieces to her two Bumble Bee Lawn Ornaments tacked together.   It was tricky getting the curves to work out but now that she understands the process she'll have no problem curving just about anything she wants to.

It looks to me as though Becky S has all of her first Birds On A Wire Window all cut and ground.  She'll next begin wrapping all of these tiny pieces and once that's done she'll be free to solder.  I've never seen one of these fit together so perfectly and I can't wait to see what this looks like when it's hanging up with some light behind it.


Spring.  It's the theme of Susan R's latest window and with the front side completely soldered I'll take a chance and say that this window gets completed when Susan returns to class next week.  It already looks great so come back for our next post to bid farewell to this beautiful stained glass window with all of those skinny little pieces!


Melissa's Semper Fi Window got all tacked together and she even got her border attached before she called it a night.  With everything completely in place Melissa has decided to take this along home with her so she can start soldering it there.   It looks great already and if she comes back in with even just the first side soldered then I'm sure that we'll see this completed in our next blog post.


Barbara's Autumn Train Scene Window is has really taken shape now that the forest is tacked together and her sky has been cut and fitted into place.  She's going to be adding a double border to this and then she'll be able to solder this together, after which we will add the wire train trestle and the actual train engine and cars themselves.  I can't wait to see what this will look like when it's finished.

People are loving these multi colored fish and Jeannette's version of this popular design will surely only make more people want to make them.  Truth be told, I even plan on cutting out a few of them!

Linda L walked out with her window before I could get a picture of it so I'm showing you a pile of the glass that she was cutting from this week.  The finished project will be a large Address Window and I promise to get you a better look at it next week. Promise.

This post brings us up to date with our regular classes so at least there's that.  I still have that Fusing Workshop to talk about and this weekend saw us meet yet again for another Stained Glass Workshop.    It seems that every time I turn around there's more to write about!  There's no rest for the weary, right???


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