Monday, June 10, 2024

He Died

MiMi's created the largest Hoop design that we've yet to see in class.   We've had hoop patterns made in 10" hoops but MiMi's measures in at a whopping 18 inches! That helps explain how she achieved so much detail in this stunning window.    She opted for subtle color shifts throughout using two different, yet similar, reds for the cardinals along with three different pinks for the flowers.   Her finished piece is stunning to say the least.
Barbara's Orca The Whale Window utilizes a fist full of colors rather than a simple static blue for the water.   The end result is a whale at peace with the ocean which sets the viewers mind at ease.  It's calm, tranquil and serene all at once. 

Let has made a Cross which I don't believe we've ever seen before but which has now been added to our arsenal of patterns. It's simple yet effective and the workmanship is, as always, top notch.
Mary Grace is back and she made her class time very relaxing by working on three different heart suncatchers (two of which were completed this week).  She also added a small crystal heart to each of them which hang from a small chain on the bottom of each heart.  Delightful indeed.

Cheryl finished the Cross that she had started in her last class which only needed to be soldered.  As you can see she did an excellent job on that and her tap-tap along the edges was most impressive!

The last of our Crosses this week may look very familiar but the size of this is what makes it different.  Patrice loves the Modern Cross pattern but wanted something that could hang from a rear view mirror so we shrunk the pattern down and then shrunk it down yet again.   But Patrice says, "Never again" because those 14 pieces got very, VERY tiny!   Those aren't thick lead lines that you see in the picture below, they just look large because of how small this cross actually is (3.5 inches tall)!


Melissa has begun working on a new Tulip Pattern that certainly looks as though it's going to be a beautiful window.  She's using a lovely yellow glass for the tulips which has just a hint of pink running through it and it's that subtlety that will make the viewer ponder just what it is about this window that makes it look so wonderful. More details will follow in the weeks to come.
This Scottish Thistle is being made by Judy and she's already made major headway into her new project in just three short hours.  Next week she'll cut out the background for this and then she'll move on over to the grinder to make these pieces fit together even better than they already do.
Linda F has all of the glass cut out for her three Birds On A Branch Suncatcher and was able to utilize smaller pieces of glass that she already had on hand to get this all cut out.   The pins are a dead give away that she's already begun to grind this so it won't be long now.
Susan D is making a hoop design of her own which changes things up in what we call our our standard Glob Tree.  Whatever you may call them: Blobs, Globs, or Nuggets, they are always the same thing-  small, round, curved pieces of glass that are pre-formed.  That may sound like using them is taking the easy was out but grinding and then foiling all of these globs is the real test to the maker's stained glass skills.  Susan has these all ground and will begin foiling when we see her again.

Bee has decided that after making two VERY large windows in a row she's going to go a little smaller and easier to help ease herself back into the world or 'normal' stained glass windows.  She's decided to do a large LSU Suncatcher and not only cut it all out in one class but also began grinding it as well.

Lorrie wasted no time while we took our month off.  Although she had no classes to attend Lorrie worked diligently at home and managed to get all of her Hen and Laurel Wreath Logo Window completely cut, ground and foiled!
But that's not all that Lorrie accomplished- She also cut. ground, and foiled a beautiful and intricate  Sun/Moon window as well!  She brought both windows into class  and now has a double border on her Sun/Moon only needing it to be tacked into place.   Someone really has the stained glass bug in their system!
Cindy's Cinderella Silhouette Window is almost at the point where she'll be working on the background shortly.  Since she's using multiple colors for the castle I'm going to run it by her and see if she might want to re-cut the arms of Cinderella out of flesh colored glass and the hair out of yellow or brown.  It will be completely up to her and you'll see what she decides to do in out next post.
Sheri has two Tropical Stained Glass Leaves completed all save for the brass rods that will transform these from suncatchers into Flower Pot Ornaments.  Alas, we did not have the rods to attach to these but Sheri says that she found some on her own so we might very well see these completed upon her return.
Darth Vader lives!  Now that he's completely tacked together and the background has been been tacked to him as well it's hard to deny who this evil being is.  June has done wonderfully on this and for the border she picked red to match his light saber.  Soldering will surely occur upon her return.

Kerry's Swedish Chef got its slogan letters cut out and you can now see about where they will reside on the finished window.  He'll grind the letters first and then fill in the background pieces AFTER they have been tacked together.  This will ensure that the letters don't shift at all and that the writing remains legible.

Zoe's Deer is ready for solder!  Yes, there's a green piece of border missing but she was foiling that when I took the picture of her window.   I was going to Photoshop a piece into the open area but forgot and, in all honesty, I'm just too lazy to go through all of that now that this has already been uploaded.  I'll bet that Zoe gets most of this soldered when she returns but adding channel and hooks, washing it and coloring it and then washing and waxing it will most assuredly happen two weeks from now.
With everything cut out for her Peacock, Martha has begun to grind her peacock pieces.   All of the body and head were ground this week and now Martha is about to move downward to the tail feathers when she next comes in.

Susan R's Pair of Chefs Panel got its border cut and tacked into place after which Susan soldered the front side and then began working on soldering the back side.  That means that there's no doubt that this will be completed when she comes back in.  I can't wait to see this one when it is hanging up with some light behind it.
Patrice also worked away diligently while we were away for the month.   Her Acadiana Louisiana Window is almost completely cut and ground.   She was unsure about cutting the small pieces for the three small Fleur De Lis in the top section of the state so I told her that it would probably be best to tack together what she has completed so that nothing shifts around as she's working on those remaining small pieces.  I suspect that we'll see the FDL's and even a first border get attached when she comes back.

Linda made a minor adjustment to the height of her 'Drake' Window and then got a border cut and attached.  She's ready to begin soldering this and is looking forward to taking it home with her for the last time next week.

Let has her Flower Window all tacked together and even has the front side soldered.   When she walked in the door she only needed her border pieces cut and once that  was done the grinding, wrapping and tacking of it went quickly.  She even got a channel attached which means that there's only the back to be soldered and then a pair of hooks to be added so that she can take this home and hang it.

Lastly we turn our head to Lara who is about to embark on a tulip journey of her own by putting together this deceptively small Tulip Panel.   She's already picked all of her glass and the colors that she's chosen are wonderful, but what else would you expect from Lara?
And there you have it.   See you in one week with new windows started and older windows completed.

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