Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Precut Pieces

Judith has finished her window and doesn't it look wonderful? She went with mixed colors rather than solids that really give her window an old-world charm. You can easily lose your subject if you don't pick your colors carefully and Judith picked them all perfectly. Each time she was about to add a color that I was unsure about she's turn around and say, "No, I'm going to stick with this instead". Each time she chose wisely. :-) Here's her finished window.

Barbara 's window was completed this week and although she worried about it towards the end I think she has every right to be proud of this window. She changed the colors of the cloth that drapes over the cross when the window was almost complete but in the end it made the window stand out all the more. Rather than living with something she wasn't entirely pleased with she took the extra time to fix it so it would look better. And doesn't this window look GREAT to you? It does to me. :-)

Sheila got all of her background cut out and then spend some time cutting her amber border out using the strip cutter. Once that was finished she ground wrapped and tacked it together so we could start working on her final border which turned out to be a bit tricky because we couldn't find her pattern with the size of her window on it! Also, the amount of glass that we had left for the final border looked like it was going to be cutting it close. But in the end everything worked out and Sheila is ready to start soldering when she comes back in next week! Although this most likely won't be finished next week I can guarantee that it will be ready for her to hang the following week. I love the colors in this window.

Our next two windows are every similar in both size, design and glass textures. We'll start with Lea's Fleur De Lis. When we last saw her window she had tacked her beveled border on after wrapping each of the bevels. She also got to work with the strip cutter and cut the strips for her last border. Borders are always easy and even though this is Lea's first border she still had enough time to cut, grind, wrap and tack them. To save a little time I cut the Zinc channel that finishes off her window for her before she came in and then she spent the class soldering the entire front side of her window. I went over it after she left but there was very littlle to fix. She seems to be a natural when it comes to soldering! It looks like she will finish this one up during her next class. Look for a finished picture next week!

Janice came in with her two of her center Fleur De Lis' all ground, wrapped and tacked together. We recut a piece that had accidentally dropped to the floor and broke but that took no time at all to repair. We laid out 2 sheets of Glue Chip glass and with a little bit of tricky cutting we were able to cut out all 4 of her large background pieces from the 2 sheets of glass. once they were assembled into a large square she placed one of her Fleur De Lis in the center of the Glue Chip and traced around it with a marker. A few fancy cuts here and there and a trip to the grinder made for a perfect fit. But she wasn't ready to begin wrapping yet. She still needed to cut the corners to insert her fancy corners. It didn't take Janice long at all before all 4 were cut, gound and ready to be wrapped. She'll be adding the final border next week for sure!

Grace wasn't feeling all that well the week before but she did manage to get all of her window tacked together. This week she added the top and bottom borders of her background glass. We needed these because the size of the window has to be taller than it is wider. Normally this wouldn't be an issue but the emblem she is making is a perfect square. Because of this the emblem touched the border on her left and right sides, but we needed to add another inch and a half to the height of the background. When the final border goes on you won't even notice this extra glass as it is the same glass that her background is made of. Grace would have added the final border to her window this week but we didn't have the glass she wanted in stock. Rather than wasting a class she soldered both the front and back sides of her window. Her glass won't be in for another 2 weeks so I'm afraid we won't see any more progress on this next week but it should be finished the following week.

Fran wrapped and tacked together 2 Fleur De Lis bevel clusters while she was in class this week. She then made background patterns for each of the bevels and proceeded to cut out her Glue Chip background. Everything was read to be ground by the time class was over and she's taken everything home with her so she can more or less finish them up next week when she comes back in for class. Next week she'll attach borders and start soldering them.

Well, that about wraps it up this week. Our next post will be up much quicker now that I have 98% of the kinks worked out of making a posting. My only complaint is that I can only upload pictures to the top of the Blog so I ended up writing this in reverse, starting with Frans project and ending with Judiths!

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