Sunday, November 2, 2008

Let's Do The Time Warp

Rocky Horror was in the air during classes as a number of us were about to head out to see Janice's son (and Grace's Brother) in the lead roll of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. More details will appear in next weeks posting.

Lea finished another Cabinet door and has a second just about completed. We'll see her finish the matching door to this one one during the next class. Because the door was so narrow the standard bevel cluster would fit in it. So Lea used the Flemish glass to cut out smaller clusters and then skipped the border altogether. Beveled or not, you have to love the style.

Michael finished grinding her pieces and then managed to wrap them all. Her wrapping is immaculate and this window is really shaping up. Next week we'll begin cutting the diamond sections followed by the background.

Janice filled in the missing pieces of her background and then added her final border before settling down to solder her window. Isn't this a classic design? ANd she's got 2 more to go! I suspect we'll see this one finished soon.

Grace is working on three 12 x 8 Fleur De Lis windows very similar to the last one she worked on. She took three Fleur De Li's home with her to wrap since she managed to cut them all and grind them while in class. I guess she'll be working on backgrounds next week.

This is one of the Mardi Gras masks that Fran designed and cut out this week. If you enlarge the picture you'll see that there are white pieces surrounding the purple glass-- it's just hard to photograph against the white pattern paper.

And while Fran was working on the mask she was also working on a Fleur De Lis window of her own. In fact, the only thing left to finish this window will be the 6 pieces of border glass and a quick solder job.

Lastly we have Cheryl's Angel window. All the glass is cut, ground and wrapped. She's taken it home with her to solder and next week we'll put a zinc channel around it. Once it's hung up You'll get so see what these colors really look like with light behind them. I can't believe how different this window looks in it's photographs.

Truth be told, we've seen the RHPS already but mum's the word until the next posting. We all have to confer about it Tuesday night!

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