Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Short Week!

It was a quick week here at the shop as so many people are off on vacation. But we've still managed to get 2 projects finished. As you can see, Grace has wrapped up work on her cross window. Don't you love the little stamens in each flower petal? It really made a difference and only took about 5 minutes time to add.

Lea has yet another door completed and has started cutting out the centers of her 2 thinnest doors for next week.

Janice has only 16 triangles to tack into place (they're already cut and ground) before adding her final border. It looks like she'll be soldering this next week.

We got to see Ellen this week when we broke down and called her to help jump the car! She brought her lamp that she was working on along with her and then we all ended up at the shop where we tried different caps on her lamp and then attached the one she liked best. With only the soldering left to go she'll have this one finished in no time.

Cheryl wrapped almost all her pieces while she was at home. She finished the last of her pieces in class and then tacked it all together so we could make the circular patterns for the 2 borders of her window. After cutting them and grinding them she took them home for wrapping. Everyone seems to like this pattern and Grace thinks she'll be making it soon...

And that was about it for this week. There's still a lot going on that hasn't been worked on because of floods and Weddings and work schedules. We should be back in full swing soon. And Christmas is almost upon us so now is the time to get those Christmas projects started!

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