Sunday, March 21, 2010

More Butterfly Stances

Jane has made a lot of these butterflies already and it looks like she'll be making at least a few more since she took home enough posts to make 6 others. It turns out that they make great gifts and just everyone who receives one ends up ordering one or two from Jane. At this rate you'll be able to spot one in your neighbors yard quicker that you'll be able to load up the Blog to see what she's working on next!

And when Jane finished up her latest round of butterflies she also managed to cut out all 84 pieces of the background to her next lamp. On top of all that she finally got the pattern to her next lamp and will begin working on that at the same as this one-- so expect to see her progress flip back and forth between the 2 different lamps in the next few weeks.

Grace had numerous decisions to make when she came into class. She knew she wanted to make a Fleur De Lis and she possibly wanted to include the name SAINTS in the window. This was the pattern we settled on-- a 2 tone Fleur De Lis with a gold center traced out with a thin black baroque border. The word SAINTS is still optional at this point but she's leaning towards including it. Again, I was impressed with the fact that she traced out her pattern, cut up the 2nd pattern, traced the Fleur De Lis onto her gold and black glass , cut it all out and then got all of the gold pieces ground in just one class!

Janice is home free with this window All she needs to finish this are four diamond corner pieces (look VERY hard and you'll be able to spot where they're missing) and some solder. That means that she'll be cutting out her last 2 windows in this design very soon. She has other projects lined up already so she's anxious to get these completed and installed.

It was a quiet week here in the shop. I've begun working on a mid-sized peacock based on our most elaborate peacock design and will throw a picture of it on here in the next post. Until then, keep your cutters oiled, your grinders watered, and your eyes peeled.

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