Friday, May 21, 2010

Butterflies, The Self Propelled Flower

Now then, if you've been reading this Blog for a while or even for just the last 3 weeks you should know the answer to the following question: What happens on the Blog when we get a new student?

(insert drum roll here)............

We get to see a new Butterfly! Suzy has joined our Thursday night class and started out with our standard pattern. The wings are actually done in the same glass that our last Butterfly was made out of but the body and the head is different. Suzy did something that I don't believe any other student has ever done-- she came into her first class with the pattern for the window she wants to start on her second glass. I wish it were always this easy! Anyway, here's a look at Suzy's first finished project which turned out perfect if I do say so myself.

And speaking of Butterflies, Jane isn't going to stop making her Butterfly Lawn Ornaments any time soon. I'm not sure if that's good or bad because I know that repetition can be a boring thing, but it does mean that she's making some money doing this and there's no doubt in my mind that making money with your hobby is a good thing. Here's one of her latest finished pieces.

And Jane also started 2 other while she was in class. She got them cut, ground and wrapped and will most likely finish these at home.

Roxie's window doesn't look much different from last week unless you look at it really closely. The picture probably doesn't have enough detail to show you what she's accomplished so I'll just come out and tell you that the front side is completely soldered and a quarter of the back side is as well. Roxie seems to be a natural at soldering because there isn't a whole lot to touch up on this window. Look to see this one completed next week.

I wasn't fast enough with the camera to get a picture of this Sock Monkey that Patty is working on with all of the pieces in place. You'll just have to take my word for it when I tell you that it's all ready for a border. She finished grinding the rest of her pieces and then started wrapping them. What she didn't finish in class went home with her (hence the missing pieces in the picture).
Julie just needs to grind the top flower of her Iris window and then she'll be ready to begin wrapping. This is another window that is nearing completion. Julie seems to be coming into her own on the grinder and is starting to utilize the (1)<-(2)<-(3)<-(4)<-(5) method of grinding. Cheryl came in and cut all of her underwater leaves and then went ahead and ground and wrapped them. She picked out the glass for her sea floor and got it all traced out but only got 3 or 4 pieces cut before she called it a night.

That's what happened here at the shop last week. And I'm proud to say that we are now up to date with the Blog. Never let me fall behind again, ok? :-)

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