Thursday, May 6, 2010

March 31st thru April14th

We've been running extremely late with these postings but things had slowed down a bit and then we had a week off due to a vacation on my end of things during the Easter Holiday. Here's what we accomplished in the last week of March and the first two weeks of April.

Patty just about completed her second Fleur De Lis window. With the border tacked on and the front side soldered all she needs to do is hit the back side with a finishing bead and then color this up. This will be finished before you know it.

Roxie got the sky portion and her leaves cut for her bird window. I feel the need to point out that this is NOT ground yet it looks like it fits together perfectly. Roxie is cutting her lines off when she cuts her glass and the results are astounding as you can see with how well everything fits into place.

Grace decided to make am LSU/Fleur De Lis box and got started by tacking together the FDL portion of the box top. She'll be cutting out the LSU section next.

Well, look what we have here-- Patty's window is completed and ready to be installed. It always looks a little different when the window is all cleaned up and there's some light behind it. As I predicted earlier Patty was able to finish this one much more quickly than she did her first one. And even though it went quicker the quality of her work is the same if not better!

So, do we have any long term readers that remember this blast from the past? This was one of Cheryl's first projects (it might actually be her second window) and it came in for a repair this week. Apparently it suffered some slight damage when it came off one of the hooks it was hanging from. There were 5 broken pieces altogether and Cheryl managed to get them repaired and the window up and hanging again inside of 1 week.

I sort of jumped the gun and posted the picture of Janices window a week early in our last post. While she was in she colored her window and began cutting out a new one. I don't have any pictures of that however but I have the next Blog update written and ready to go-- all I have to do is click on the POST button so expect to be back here tomorrow when I click it so you can check out what happened during the week of April 21st.

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