Monday, June 21, 2010

Framed Again

We have 2 new butterflies to show you this week. That means we have 2 new students that we'll need to get acquainted with here on the Blog. Michele and Lisa began their first night without a single problem. They cut the glass, they ground it, they wrapped it and even soldered it without any fears at all. And that's how we ended up with these 2 beautiful butterflies. The first one here is Michele's (I hope I didn't mix them up):

And the second one here is Lisa's. They both have definite idea's for what they want to do for their first projects so I can't wait to see exactly what they pick.

Julie came in knowing that she's be soldering her window. She took her time and got the entire front side finished. Now all that's left to do is this top section of the back. That means that there is no doubt that this will be going home with Julie when she comes in next week.

Patty began working on 2 frames. She almost has the first one all ready to solder with only the 4 corners left to cut. The second one is all cut and ground and she's taken it home with her to wrap. My guess is that these will be finished next week!

Roxie has all 6 of her Fleur De Lis' cut out and 5 of them are ground and ready to be wrapped. For one reason or another the 6th one didn't make it into this photo and as the photographer you'd think I would know why this is, but I don't. Just take my word for it-- they're all cut! Next week Roxie will be wrapping and tacking her FDL's together in preparation for their backgrounds to be cut.

Look out, Suzie's on a roll! The colors in her first window already look great and this is just a picture of the window lying down on the table. With her border all cut and wrapped she'll be soldering this one next week and possibly completing it.

And last but not least, we have a look at Yvette's Peacock window. She spent the class in front of the grinder and got almost all of her feathers ground. I put a red line on the picture to show you exactly what she got accomplished. The righ side is ground and the left side isn't which means that all she needs to do is grind 9 more feathers and then she'll wrap and tack them together. I can honestly say that this window is really falling into place now.

I have one more Blog Post to get us up to date and with a little luck that will happen on Wednesday morning. Expect to hear from us soon!

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