Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tack Your Turtle

It's been busy here at the bayou both inside the classes and outside of them. We've got new students about to start classes just in time for the heat of mid-summer. All I can say is thank God for air conditioning!

Cheryl started this Fleur De Lis window last week and at the end of class she only had to solder it. So she took it home and did that work there. When she brought it back in the door tonight all I had to do was add some brass channel around the window and then 2 hooks to attach the chain it will hang by. As you can see it's another winning window by Cheryl.

Yvette has finished cutting out all of the teal colored sections of her peacock feathers. And she did it with a broken ankle. What a trooper! This window is really taking shape now. Next she'll grind what she's got cut out and then tack it together so the rest of the straight feathers will be easier to grind when she cuts them.

Janice got her center piece tacked together and cut out the upper part of her window, ground it and even tacked it together. Next she'll get the bottom section and the triangular fill ins that square out this window.

Grace tacked the logo section of her Saints window together and the lettering that spells out Saints. She cut the background of the letters and got most of them ground (though it's hard to see in the photograph) This one needs a border and some solder and then we'll call it finished!

Cheryl finished her Fleur De Lis Bevel window with plenty of time to spare this week so before she left we had her tack her turtle and then grind all of her bottom sea floor. She's taken that home to wrap and then there's just a fish and the water left to go on this one.

We're behind on the Blogs again. Come back Tuesday morning for another addition to help get us up to date again.

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