Monday, July 26, 2010

Roxie, Please Forgive Me!

One of my fears about doing this Blog each week has finally happened. As careful as I was I still somehow managed to skip Roxie's project 2 weeks ago. I have to say that it wasn't entirely my fault because, you see, my digital camera was out of film that night...

But I have film back in my camera and that's a good thing because this is the week that Roxie strikes with a vengence. She's managed to complete not one, not two, not three, not even five projects this week-- she's completed SIX (yep, that's 6) Fleur De Lis windows. This may well be a record and is certainly hard to forget about!

Next we have Janice's 13th window in her series of classic designs. She may not have completed them all on the same day but she's VERY close to finishing this project once and for all. Sadly, this wndow isn't backlit because it was just too dark outside by the time it was finished. But you can look at some of the earlier Blog posts to see this same pattern in the daylight with some sun behind it. Backlit or not it's hard not to appreciate all the work that Janice has put into this window.

Shira was back with us again and wrapped all of her Fleur De Lis. With that part finished I'd say that she will most likely have the background and border cut when she comes back next week. There is something about this FDL that really catches my eye and I can't wait to see it completed.
It's very hard to see a difference in this window from what you saw last week but Patty has cut all of the tan center lines and has begun grinding her window. Now that it's cut out it's just a matter of taking a little time at the grinder to make sure that it all lines up. I'm happy to say that the hard part is over with. Now it's just tweaking everything until it all fits together.

Last week Patty warned Grace not to do the Sports Fleur De Lis but Grace was determined. In an effort to alleviate some of the pain in doing this window she's made it about 3 inches bigger than Patty's which gives Graces pieces a little more substance. She has her pattern all traced out onto glass and will begin cutting them out when we see here again.

Monique is really racing through her project. She tacked it all together, added the clear, textured glass background to her pebble section and then got her border cut out. She took the border home to wrap which means that she'll be soldering this next week and there's even a good chance that she'll be taking it home with her. Wait until you see this piece hanging up with light behind it.

Bonnie has all of her flower wrapped now. She's add the 9 background pieces next week followed by the final border and she'll be ready to solder. Bonnie has 2 shades of white glass and a very, very light pink in in the bottoms of the petals that really set this off. Isn't this looking great?

After Janice finished working on her next to last window she began grinding her last centerpiece. She already had it cut out and now she's just about ready to wrap it and start tacking it together. I'd say that she's pretty much home free now.

I'm fairly certain that wraps things up this week. Unless I missed someone again!

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Suebelle82 said...

You didn't post my finished project! My heart is broken!!