Saturday, June 25, 2011

This Post Just Might Boar You To Death

We've had a few people make some comments that told me something that I hadn't thought about. The Bonnie that is taking classes right now and who did the Ballerina Slippers last week is not the same Bonnie who made all of the Fleur De Lis windows and the Magnolia Window last summer. I figured that I'd best state something here about it since I learned that the Tuesday night class was shocked to learn that Bonnie had restarted classes. Sorry ladies, it's a different Bonnie. :-)

Ok, first up we have a look at our first ever Boar window! Yep, it has now been completed and Cindy got it done just in time for father's day. There's a lot of work in this window and it's definitely NOT a beginner project but Cindy made it look rather easy. Even her color choices are spot on!

Pam was concerned about biting off too much for her to chew on her first project so she decided to do 2 suncatchers. Both were more elaborate than the butterfly but as you can see, this Dragonfly suncatcher is really nice. And she had NO problem at all making it. I'd say that her fears were completely unfounded. :-)
Here's the second suncatcher that Pam decided to do. This is is one of the standard stained glass humming bird patterns that are always so popular. Pam took it and ran all the way to the finish line with it. Another job well done and she gets extra points for remembering to start and stop her foil on sides where another piece of glass is touching.

Terry has been hard at work making her first small(er) clear beveled window and it's all coming together now. This one only needs to be soldered and then have some zinc channel added to the edges and it will be complete. Terry took this home to work on and has already started cutting the second one out.

Roxie has decided to add wings to the 3 stained glass faerie bodies that she has in her bag of things to do. This is the first one all cut, ground, and wrapped. In case you haven't noticed, it's already June already and Roxie is thinking about gifts for the holidays. I guess it's safe to say that Roxie is not a procrastinator!!
This is the center piece of Myrt's Fancy Fleur De Lis windows. It's now all ground and ready to be wrapped. She also worked on wrapping all of the purple globs for her grape window but I don't seem to have a picture of that project. I guess I'm slipping! Look for an update to that one in our next post.

Bonnie P. has decided that her next project will be 2 boxes. Both will be flowers, one being a rose and the second an iris. She had her rose all cut out and ground so she took it home with her to wrap. Next week she'll be tackling the Iris. And then she'll be close to doing the bottoms of these.

Anita's peacock is REALLY coming together. It's all tacked together save for the rather elaborate border that will surround this. It's a difficult border to work on because you have to make cuts based on sections that aren't cut yet, but when it's done you'll see that it was worth all the extra effort. Pay attention to stained glass windows and you'll noticed that the ones that garner the most attention all have fancy, extravagant borders. This peacock will be one of them.

And Sonia has her stand completed and all the glass cut for her first Oil Scope. I'd say that this means she'll be completing this during her next class. This was an excellent choice of glass for this project. When I first saw the glass I liked it but was unsure of what it could be used for. I think Roxie all showed us what we could do with it. I'm betting that Sonia's going to be thrilled at how this turns out.

So there you have it. All the news that's fit to Blog about.

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