Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Canned Corn?

We're going to have to call Fran the Fleur De Lis' Lady. She's got this pattern down to a science now and can make these with her eyes closed. Nice colors, nice glass, a unique shape and pieces that fit together perfectly make this another stunning entry in Fran's portfolio of glass.

Here's a quick look at the next 2 Fleur De Lis' that Fran will have completed during her next class. As you can see one of them just needs to be soldered while the second one still needs to be wrapped before she can cut the border for it. But that won't take long at all.

This is Terry's second window all ready to get its outside border added. Her corners and the connecting bevels are all tacked together now. You can see there's a piece of clear glass under the bottom right hand corner waiting to be traced out so it lines up perfectly with that corner. She'll tackle all four corners when she returns during her next class.

Roxie has all 3 pairs of her Faerie wings cut and ground. She already has the teal wings tacked together so they just need a final soldering before she attaches them to the pewter Faerie body. She's also done something a little different with the clear wind set that may not be obvious on a first glance. Some of the pieces are placed with the rough side up and others with the rough side down. This will give a slight texture difference to the wings that I think will really set them apart.

And just look at Patty's corn! She's gone for a very photo realistic look here and... wait a minute, she brought these in for us to eat-- not to use in her window! I think Patty is worrying too much about that extra ear of corn she found in her window pattern. Maybe we can swap it out for a can of corn...
And here's Patties Seafood window. She now has some shrimp added to the mix. Next week Patty is going to start working on a frame and take a bit of a break from this window. It will give her a chance to work with some larger pieces and get to see something completed. :-)

Wow, did Anita burn the midnight oil when she took this home with her or what? She got this complex border assembled all by herself. Nice job! She's soldering it now which means that we'll see this one completed next week.

And up next is Cindy who will wrap up our post for this week as we see how nicely she did grinding all the glass that makes up her blue sky. Everything is falling together for this window save for 2 pieces of green that she ran short on which she has at home. She also picked out a nice bright yellow for her border- yellow and green always go together well so it's a safe assumption to say that it's going to look nice. I can't wait to see this next week when it's all foiled and ready for solder.

And that about wraps up things this time around. He have 3 new students about to join us so expect to see a few more butterflies shortly!

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