Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Kiln Work

Russ has been spending a lot of time with his kilns lately so it's time to feature some of his work and let you see how he's coming along.  A lot of people are asking about classes and they'll be showing up sometime next year after he works up a schedule and determines what the class will cover.   This is going to have to be completely different from our standard stained glass classes and will operate more like a weekend workshop.  So while Russ is figuring out the details let's take a look at some of the glass he's been making.

One of my favorites is this Poppy Platter which has a lot of depth when you actually see it in person.  The glass is thick and the colors used throughout this piece are suspended in multiple layers inside  the glass.

Next we have another variation on the Poppy theme, this one being a small dish.  Trust me when I say that the picture doesn't do it justice.

This is another platter that Russ put together quickly on the fly while he was taking a class himself.  It almost has an American Indian feel to it.  Sadly, even though this was picture was taken in direct sunlight the camera didn't capture the colors correctly.   The chips of 'gold' along the top and bottom ends are iridised and change color depending on the angle which you view the platter.


The iridised pieces that you see in this dish are a little more apparent when compared to the platter above.  You can see how the color shifts within the accents themselves.  This dish also has the most depth of all the pieces shown here.  The gold bar that runs vertically in the center is far below anything else used in this piece.  In fact, people tend to touch it to see if the surface is even!


This Leaf Dish was made with an actual leaf and twig.  They've been enhanced with glass frit, and like the Poppy Dish it features depth that can't be seen in still pictures.  I'm really interested in taking a class on this myself!


This Swirl Dish was made using many different strips of glass which are then swirled while the glass was melted.  Everyone keeps seeing faces in this and I see two myself.


I have a few ideas in my mind of things I'd like to try but for now the kiln work will remain in Russ's hands while I work out all the glass cutting.  But who knows what next year will bring.

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