Tuesday, January 13, 2015

In Addendum

Well, I've done it again and managed to skip another student for the second week in a row.  I'm adding this special post so that Martha and Paula won't feel TOO slighted.  At least I figured out what went wrong.  Long story short, the picture of this exquisite Iris/Dragonfly Window was accidentally saved to my desktop (which is always a mess of random icons) and therefore forgotten about when I uploaded the rest of the pictures from their regular storage folder.  I know how and why it happened but that doesn't mean it won't happen again as I'm becoming prone to Senior Moments! 

So here is where Martha stands on her window.  Once the wrapping is completed she'll be cutting out her background glass at which point this window will be almost completed.  It really does look great already so I'm expecting a lot from this window (and I know Martha will deliver the goods).


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