Monday, June 26, 2017

Short Cuts Always Take More Time

Classes ran somewhat small this week due to a storm out in the Gulf called Cindy.   Although we saw very little rain or wind it did cause a lot of cancellations due to the fact that our students come from all over Louisiana.  Hopefully things have settled down and things will resume as normal next week.

So then, Linda F came up with the gorgeous new 3D Butterfly lawn ornament that I think is sure to be a hit here in our classes.   Everything about this is perfect from the colors to the cutting.  I love it!

This is a repair that Susan D worked on this week and all she did to repair it was to disassemble the original window, re-cut one piece of glass and then re-assemble it. 


Susan D also completed this 3D Humming Bird which will become part of her next Flower Cornucopia Project.  The pattern is all Susan's and she also assembled this entirely on her own (including the 3d wings!)


Carol completed another 3D Butterfly Lawn Ornament this week and has another in the works.   She's assembling them all by herself save for the antenna's which she'll do on her own when she does her next Butterfly.

Bonnie's latest Cross Suncatcher is an exercise in perfection as one off angle results in a VERY crooked looking cross.  Perfection!

Rowena saw the previous Multi Colored Fish that we've seen completed in the shop and decided that this was the best way to put her scrap glass to good use.   You have to love this pattern.

Sheri resumed work on her Heron Window by continuing to cut glass.  This week she some green background cut and her window, as you can see, is starting to take shape.

Spring is in the air and all of the glass has been cut for Susan R's Spring window.  She's already begun to wrap all of her pieces so this should be ready to be soldered before you know it.

Betty has started working on a large flowing Iris Window and really made great headway on it during her first 3 hour class.   She came in, traced out her pattern and then started cutting the leaves for her window.

Tasha  had a slight mishap at home when Charlie broke one of the pieces in her sky but it was a simple fix once she came into class.  Rather than re-cutting the piece from her pattern she tacked the window together leaving the spot opened.  Once everything was solid we set the window on top of a piece of blue glass and traced around the opening which makes for a perfect fit with minimal grinding.   After that was done Tasha tacked the piece into place, got her border cut and attached as well as her channel.


After spending the night wrapping her glass pieces, Melissa is officially ready for a border on her Semper Fi Window.  The border will take maybe a half hour to complete so when she comes back in she'll be no doubt begin soldering it and thinking about what she's going to pick to work on next.

Paula had a productive night and got the entire top of her newest Wedding Box assembled and soldered.  The only thing left to go on this is the box bottom and she already has the sides for that cut and ground.   That leaves only some minor assembling to go and then she'll be through with this project.   

Lara resumed work on her Ballerina Window and now that the ballerina herself is completely ground and fitting together you can see just how wonderful this window is going to look.  It's surely one of my favorite designs I won't be surprised to see this window being made again.

Jeannette has all of the glass ground for her Mallard Window and she's taken it home with her to possibly wrap throughout the week.   It's a stunning window and the workmanship is beautiful.

Ann had a single piece of background glass that covered only about 75% of her window but with careful placement of her pieces she was able to get all but 2 pieces (circled in green in the picture) of her background cut from that one small sheet.  Part of the secret to this is by keeping things bumped together as much as possible.  This minimizes waste to its fullest extent and actually stretched the glass out somewhat.   Next week Ann will surely be moving along to borders.


Susan D has another 3D butterfly Suncatcher almost completed and this will also adorn her Flower Cornucopia.   With just the back to solder I'd say this is practically completed.


Becky S is working diligently on her pair of Birds On A Wire Windows.  Her work is about as exact as can be and everything fits together absolutely perfectly. 


Linda F has been busy with butterflies and these two are very close to being completed.  The one on the left just needs to be wrapped while the blue on on the right still needs to be ground.   Linda has been working extra hard at cutting off her lines as she cuts her glass and you can see that's working amazingly well for her by the way her blue Butterfly fits together with NO grinding at all.  Great work!


Rowena spent her class cutting, grinding and wrapping another Sunflower Flower Lawn Ornament  the bottom section is all tacked together already and all she needs to do to finish this is to tack the 6 smaller petals to the flower center.

Lastly, here's Carol's next 3D Butterfly Lawn Ornament.  She's making this one with more Van Gogh glass so it will look just as great as the last one that she did.


Hopefully the weather will allow us to have more students next week!  Things were a little slow in the shop (as you can tell by the amount of pictures we have in this post).  I can't wait to see all the faces I missed last week!

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