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Terry? Terry?

We always stress how important it is to use squares to make sure the outer edges of your projects are straight and true.   We also suggest that you use yardsticks along the outer lines of your patterns (which I always make sure are square).   Shelley always has a beautiful jig set up for each of her windows that chad makes for her out of wooden yard sticks.   Below you can see how the same 4 pieces of yardstick can be used to frame out a variety of sizes without having to actually cut the yardsticks.  This helps BIG TIME in keeping your windows square so please check this out.

 As you can see, by just sliding the yardsticks around you can square off numerous sizes.

Always be sure to keep your outer edges straight and square.  It makes a big difference in your finished project.

So onto out completed projects this week.  Rowena, as predicted, completed her 'C' Window almost as soon as she walked into class.   Once all of the flux was washed off of the window Rowena was able to go over the lead with copper patina, re-wash it to get the patina off and then apply some wax to brighten up the copper color and seal it for a long lasting finish.  The end result is beautiful, just like all of Rowena's windows.

Cindy's Mermaid was finished this week as well as a repair that she worked on.   The Mermaid is based on a logo for a relative's navy fleet and the hat on the mermaid has been adorned with the numbers of his group.  I may have this story wrong, but its close.  The Window, however, is spot on.

Here's a closeup of the hat.   The numbers, letters and icon were  printed on a computer, transferred onto the glass and then fired on permanently by spending a night in the kiln.


Then there's Bonnie who was able to completed three Christmas Suncatcher Ornaments.  Using just two pieces of glass (which are identical) and a single 1" round bevel these were not only quick to make but beautiful as well. Once they were finished Bonnie began working on a large Santa Face Window which we'll get a good look at when we next return.

Jeannette was as busy as can be and ended up turning out three Angel Suncatchers.   She did all of the work entirely on her own which included making and attaching spiraled wire for the halo's and adding the hooks to hang these with.   I suddenly feel unnecessary!

Then Tasha made a pair of beer glasses that have me ready for a beer!  These are delightful and a perfect gift for any man who enjoys (the occasional) mug of suds.  The colors are perfect and the angled beer level really makes these look perfect since they hang at an angle.


Carol has returned and this week she worked on six mini Christmas Stockings.   She made these cute little ornaments in assorted colors with each stocking measuring a scant two inches tall.  They're a great way to use up small scraps of glass and they are proof that good things come in small packages!


Martha completed the work on her pair of Beveled Cross Windows and as you can see they turned out just fine-- beautiful in fact.  She took her time foiling these and had to admit that the soldering process went much easier for her on these two windows.   Good foiling is the most important part of achieving great soldering.

Roxane made these two Christmas Tree Suncatchers while she was at home and although she had a little trouble soldering around the outer edges it was very easy to straighten out within two minutes.   Now that she knows how to put lead around the outer edges I'm sure that she won't ave any more problems.  This is beautiful work for sure.

Melissa finished two more crosses this week and I think she's finding them easier and easier to make.   Like Roxane, Melissa now appears to have mastered the art of putting a bead around the outside edge.   Melissa is making nine of these Crosses so she's got a few more to go and we'll be showcasing them all in the weeks to come.

This week also saw Tracey completing her first Bumble Bee Lawn Ornament and I'm sure that whoever receives this will love it.  Whenever someone puts one of these together every one else is awed by all the curves this Bee incorporates.   It's hard to explain without seeing it in person but it really gives the Bee added depth and makes it special.

Tasha not only finished her pair of Beer Glasses-- she also worked on grinding her latest Cat Window.   I have no clue what style this is but it's already looking like another in a long line of stunning projects for Tasha.

Allow me to say that Beth, our newest student,  is a natural at this!   After cutting out her Dragonfly she began grinding each of the pieces that make up her background.    At first it was slow going as she learned how to use a neighboring  piece as a guideline but after she appeared to have the hang of it I walked away and came back later to find that she had ALL of it ground!   I was very impressed to say the least.  Next week she'll grind and tack together the dragonfly and then she'll actually cut it into the background.

Betty's Rose Window is so very close to completion.  She got her brass channel attached when she walked in the door and then she took her time soldering each of her lead lines which resulted in a nearly flawless soldering job.   As I always say, if you take your time and allow the solder to melt completely it will make a bead all on its own. 

So Angie came in with a Cross, Wine, Bread and Grapes Window all cut out, ground, and wrapped!   That's amazing work in a short amount of time for sure.  After she tacked the pieces together we got a brass channel put around the edges and before class was over she was able to get the front side completely soldered as well as most of the back side.   I sure hope we get to see a picure of this when it's completed because it looks stunning!

Jan's had all of her Madonna and Child Suncatcher wrapped when she walked into class so she was able to tack it together and then get a background cut for it.   She wanted a very thin border and that's exactly what she got when she cut some blue baroque into thin strips.  Once this was all laid out two other students decided that they had to make one as well so we now there are two more under construction.   I think that speaks volumes as to how nice a pattern this is, and how wonderful a job Jan is doing on it.

Mary is truly flying through the grinding process of her Octagon Irises Window and will be able to start working on the actual Iris Petals themselves when she comes back in.  Her ability to grind within the lines and get everything to fit without over grinding is incredibly impressive since I still consider her to be a 'new' student.   But she's never been afraid to challenge herself and her you can see how that is paying off for her.

Lara now has only one color left to cut in her Starry Starry Night Window and she'll be cutting those remaining pieces out of an amber glass when she returns next week.  Although this was somewhat intimidating to her when she first started it, here she is just three weeks later with 95% of the glass cut out.   I have a sneaking suspicion that Lara will be grinding this when we see it again.

Linda f now has all of the glass cut, ground and wrapped for her art noueveau Tulip Window.   She altered the top two pieces of clear glue chip because the purple tulip was a little shorter than the pattern.  Since we had no more purple to work with we simply adjusted the pieces next to it.   Had I not mentioned this you would never have known there was a problem, and that's as good a fix as there ever could be. With just the soldering left to go I'm pretty sure that we'll see this completed upon Linda's return.

Mary Grace has got all but two pieces ground in her Tree of Life Window and that's because the two pieces don't exist yet.  She's going to wrap what she has completed and once that's done she'll tack it together and then fill in those two missing pieces.  After that comes her multi colored border.  I really think she's going to have fun doing that.


Linda L made some extreme headway on her Easter Themed Mickey Mouse Window this week and her color choices are perfect.   She was unsure of which yellow to use for the Bunny Suit and in the end we all decided that a less brilliant and more pastel yellow would be best.  ASince she didn't have her background  or face glass with her she's begun the grinding process.  Sadly, (for us)  Linda will be out of class for a while-- she's on a cruise even as I type this.   We hope she has a GREAT time!

Roxane also managed to get all of her Compasss Rose ground this week and let me state for the record that it looks fabulous!  Her work is meticulous and once this is finished it will be the window that she will aspire to excel beyond.


Susan D started a large Santa Lawn Ornament last week and this week she finished up with the grinding on it.  It all fits together wonderfully and she'll be able to start wrapping this as soon as she gets home. 


Then we have Susan R's Thanksgiving Pumpkin Window which is now all tacked together and ready for solder.  The individual colored corn pieces are very stunning and really set this window off.   I cant wait to see it completed when it comes back in!

After completing her 'C' Window Rowena tacked together the Mallard Window that she's been working on while at home.  After it was tacked she then set upon getting the first thin border cut out for it.  I'd say it's a safe bet to say that she'll get her final border and channel attached when she comes back in next week.

Myrt got the final border attached to her Ribbon Bordered Fleur De Lis Window and then she got her channel attached as well.   Just about everyone has been cutting their own channel this week and our students are all doing a great job with it.  Myrt only has to solder this and then she'll be ready to begin a new project.

Barbara's Tulip Window is moving along at a nice steady pace.   Barbara is one of the two students who has decided to make a Madonna and Child Panel so she may possibly take a brief break from this window to work on Mary.  And in all honesty, it may be a good thing for her to take a break from all of these tiny pieces.

Shelley's interpretation of the Tree Of Life Window is also coming together at a nice steady pace.  In the end she's decided to plot out the positioning of her colors and there's nothing wrong with that.  She's started off using softer colors but she'll be moving along to deeper and brighter colors when she comes back into class.


Brenda got one of her Transom Windows soldered so hopefully she'll be ready to finish the second one when she comes back in.  She's got a number of projects lined up to do so I know she wants to get thee out of the way asap.

Lastly, well, there's not much to say here.  This is another Cross that Melissa is working on and possibly number four of nine if my memory serves me well (which it usually doesn't).  I promise to have my numbers right when you come back again next week to see what's happening her in our classes.


We're getting a lot done here and with Christmas just a few short weeks away that's a good thing.  Me, I already can't wait for the new year to get here so things can settle down and be less hectic.  Oh, and there's only 11 days left before we get to go see the Pyramids!!

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