Monday, June 15, 2020

A Feeling of Liberation and Release

We're just jumping right into things this week and all I can say is WOW! At almost 4 foot tall Cindy's Sunrise Scene is impressive.  Look at the way those sun rays line up so perfectly and how the mixed greens in the tree blend in so well together.  Having the border match the tree truck added so much color balance that this window couldn't help but turn out fantastic!  This is another example of a window coming out of our shop that the creator should be exceptionally proud of.

To many people this is 'just' a street light window but if you hail from Franklin, LA this is a VERY iconic symbol.   Martha did a marvelous job on this with symmetry working on her side.  The colors, well, it's a shame that they don't make that background glass any more because it is perfection rolled out into a sheet of glass.   Martha will be making this again but in blues next time around and I can't wait to see her make new choices.

Speaking of great colors, I'm so glad that Shawn decided to follow up her bevels with a thin final border.   I feel that using a beveled border around the final edge of a window prevents the bevels from truly shining. Shawn went with a vibrant red for her final border and it not only matches her numbers perfectly but it allows the bevels to stand out.   Also, this color scheme of red and amber (AMBAH!) make up one of the most popular color combinations used in old stained glass windows.  That alone gives this Street Address Window an antique stateliness about it.  Job WELL done!

Angie completed her Peacock Window this week and, as always, her window is superb.  Utilizing only two colors this window shows how less can be more.   True she's used different textures throughout but the colors remain the same.

Tracey made this Sunflower Panel look easy from start to finish.   The rounded corners sometimes make this difficult for people but everything here lines up perfectly.  You can see that Tracey utilized the same trick that Cindy did by making the border match something that's already been used in the window but not focused on.  In this case it's the flower center.  It's a great way to make your borders match perfectly.

Belinda has begun her new window and this very elegant Iris Oval is already taking perfect shape with Belinda being just one class in to it.   Belinda only has the Iris petals and the background to go before she starts grinding this.  She's a fast worker!

Angie started a Dragonfly suncatcher and got everything cut and ground this week.   I like that she decided to make this a multi-colored piece and just ran with her own color choices.  Mark my words, when this is finished and posted online someone out there will see it HAVE to match these colors because they will believe this is the way it HAS to be done!

Roxane began cutting glass for her Angel Window and has decided to use a dark blue glass for the trim of the Angel's robes.   Interestingly enough, the picture that she saw had this done in all clear glass but I colored the trim on her pattern in blue so she could differentiate between the robe and the trim and she liked it so much she changed her original color choice!

Annette's Cross and Dove Window is all ground, wrapped, tacked together and even has its first border cut out which Annette is wrapping at home.  She picked a wispy white glass for the thin inner border and a medium green wispy glass for the outer border.  I have no doubt that we will see these attached next week and guess what?  She already has the front side that you see here soldered!  This is VERY near completion.

Susan D is making another LARGE 3D Garden Ornament involving a Flamingo Pelican and some assorted fish.  It's turning out bigger than expected but this is one of the fish that will be mounted below the Pelican in the wire structure that I will show you soon.

And Susan R hit a milestone this week as she has turned her Seafood Window over so she can solder the second side!  Look out, this is very, very near completion.  She plans to solder some of this while at home during the week which will even make this go faster.

Lisa's Butterfly Emergence Window (I think I like that name best) has its background all cut and ground and as you may (or may not) be able to see, she's decided to make it circular.   Next week she'll tack this together and then easily add a border to it so that she can begin soldering!

Linda L got 6 Bird Suncatchers cut out and then had them all ground and mostly wrapped as well.  Linda learned that sometimes, not always though, a good solid grind at the grinder will get you most, if not all of the way home.   By grinding all 6 pieces of these birds at once and THEN fitting them together she was able to speed up her grinding process 10 fold while achieving the same accuracy.


Jeanne actually got all of the pieces cut and ground for her Fruit Bowl Window while she was in class-- I just took this picture a little too early for you to see it all.  She's taken this home with her so she can hopefully get some wrapping done during the week and once she has this tacked together the background glass will be cut and ground quickly enough.  It will soon be time to start thing about border colors.

Speaking of missed pictures, this is leftover glass from Lara's border for her second Flower Window which we will see completed upon her return.   This week she finished grinding, wrapping, and tacking her window as well as getting the border cut, ground, and attached as well!

And that's all he wrote this week!  I promise to have a tip in our next post-- I'm just a tad bit behind and a little out of sorts today.

Paul and Nikos
Bayou Salé GlassWorks

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