Monday, June 1, 2020

If You Get It In Mexico It's Yellow

It's tip time!  I see so many many people rushing when cutting up or tracing out their patterns and then they say they'll fix it at the grinder. Sadly the grinder doesn't work that way so please take your time.   If you start out with a pattern piece of the 'circle' on the left you'll never get it to look like the one on the right.   Sure, you can grind the high spots but grinding will only make the low spots lower.  Take your time-- your pattern pieces determine 90% of what your window will look like.

Lara's Flower window was completed this week and, as I knew from the start, it's a nice bright window now that it's got some light behind it.  Lara pointed out numerous 'flaws' to me, but I think she's done another wonderful job.  Besides, the 'flaws' that we the creators see are always minor at best and yes, ALL of my windows have these 'flaws'!  Who makes anything that they are 100% satisfied with??!!

Jeannette's Bayou Scenery Window is almost 3 foot wide so it's a large window.  She was worried about making it any larger by putting on a border but because there are so many lead lines coming out to the edge we were able to skip a border and just surround it with a heavy channel.  Once that was done she washed and colored this Bayou masterpiece.

Roxane's Penguin family was completed and it's nice to see these guys find their way home.  Roxane is so good at making stained glass- I just wish she could be able to get to class more often to exercise those skills!

MiMi made this adorable Rabbit Suncatcher and what else can you say about this cute little thing???  Words fail me!

Bonnie was back and Bonnie accomplished.   When she left class she had this Dragonfly cut, ground and ready to be foiled.  2 days later she came back so I could take this picture of it in its completed state.  She's always been quick and efficient but now she's a trendsetter as well because I had to hand out two of these patterns to the two students who witnessed her make this!


Next up is Mary Grace who is on a Lady Bug Lawn Ornament roll as she knocked out yet another one this week.  She even added more wire filigrees to this one so that the wings could be even fancier.

First up in our projects still under construction we have Susan D's cat who has a name this week: Trouble.  Once she said it I recognized the name but coming up with it on my own, well, I'm old and confused.  Susan got her borders cut and only needs to wrap and attach the final border before we can add some channel and wrap the whole kit and kaboodle up.   This is VERY near completion!

Shelley began working on a Titus Window and got the majority of it cut in just one class.  What is a Titus Window?  Well, it's a window that's based on a painting by an artist named M. Titus!  It's colorful and very avant-garde, don't you think?

Angie came in, cut out, ground, and wrapped a Peacock Window.  Now there's a productive day for you!  She'll tack this and get to the background when she comes back in.  Always a favorite of mine, I may have to make this yet again.

Kerry is back and he resumed his work by standing in from of a grinder for most of the class.  Now he wasn't just 'standing there' because he got the top portion of his Tiger Eyes/LSUall ground.  That means it's ready to be wrapped and then tacked together after which he will cut out the bottom LSU section.

Lisa is moving along at an amazing rate of speed on her Butterfly Window and I saw on Facebook that she has the final top left wing section cut and ground now.  I saw that she was asking whether she should square it off or make it circular.  My opinion is that a circle would look marvelous!  (Not that squaring it off would be bad though.)


With the front side soldered and the back about halfway completed I have no doubt at all that Belinda will be finishing this when she comes back in next week whether she's worked on it at home or not.   This window always gets attention and Belinda's interpretation is turning heads in ALL of our classes.

Jeannette also worked on this Bee Suncatcher after she put the finishing touches on her Bayou Scene Window.   This pattern came with a bevel cluster but I've found that cutting the bee out of regular glass  makes it look even look better than the actual beveled Bee the pattern came with.


Susan R is back and her Seafood Window got its final border attached which means that this window can now get a finished solder bead on it.  The end is near! Since this window is long we also added some Strong Line through the borders to help give it a little more stability.


With everything cut and ground on her Sunrise Window, Cindy is ready to begin foiling all of these pieces.  She started doing that just this week and she's about halfway to the top already.   Next up, a tack job and a border!

Four little Baby Suncatchers are all tacked together and ready to be soldered by Linda L now.    These are perfect Baby Shower gifts and once these are completed Linda will be ready ahead of time for any fun surprises!  We'll easily see these finished upon her return.


Finally there's Martha who finished grinding the background for her Lamp Post Window.  Once she tacked everything together she then got her first border cut out and ground.  She's already picked out the glass for her second border and let me just say that it is perfect, but you'll have to come back next week to see just what it looks like!

We had even more people in our classes this week and next week is the start of June when almost everyone said they'd be returning so we may have a very full blog post when we return.   See you then!

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