Thursday, March 31, 2022

Introducing Liquid Solder

 Introducing Novacan Liquid Solder!

Do messy, lumpy solder lines have you pulling your hair?  Finding the correct mixture of heat, lead, flux and speed can be daunting so Novacan is proud to announce their newest product: Liquid Solder!  Just snip of the tip to the desired size of the bead you need and simply squeeze it out of the tube on top of your foil.  It's that easy!   Liquid Solder dries in less that a minute and applies in much less time than it would to actually melt a solder bead on your window.  Cut your time to solder your windows in less than half!

No more lead fumes!

Liquid Solder comes in the four most popular colors:  Silver, Copper, Brass, and Black.   Most people have trouble telling the difference between brass and copper patina but with Liquid Solder you a get true Brass and true Copper coloring.  The black is darker than any patina could ever compete with.  No more messy flux or patina.

No more Hot Soldering Irons!

Although Liquid Solder dries in under a minute we recommend that you not wax your window for 1/2 hour after applying the last liquid line.

Liquid solder is also VERY affordable generally costing about the same as a 1 pound roll of 60/40 lead.   Call you stained glass supplier today for pricing and availability.

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