Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Clean Your Glass!


Something many people neglect to do is to clean the glass they are using before they trace their pattern pieces onto it.   I've even gone so far as to tell people to clean their glass only to have them reply, "There no marker or anything on it."  The fact is that a piece of glass simply resting on a table for 24 hours allows dust and grime to accumulate (which you can't see).

Below I've taken a piece of glass from the rack and cleaned the right side of it using just a slightly damp paper towel (not soaking wet-- just barely damp).  Next I traced the same pattern piece on both the uncleaned side (left) and the clean side (right).  Then I applied light pressure with my finger and slid across the glass from the left side to the right in five different places.  

As you can see, the marker remained on the clean side but began wiping off on the left (uncleaned) side.

So take the 30 seconds or so to clean your glass with a lightly dampened paper towel to save yourself time and headaches further on down the road.  There's nothing worse than having your lines wipe away before you are finished cutting it.


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