Monday, November 27, 2023

Does Anyone Have A Needle And Thread?

I have no doubt that  MiMi's Unicorn Crown is going to make one little girl VERY happy.  In fact, it reminds me of a riddle that goes like this:  What's the difference between Justin Bieber and a unicorn?  Well, one resides in little girl's dreams and the other is majestic Rainbow Spouting Creature.  At any rate, MiMi did a wonderful job on this and even accented it with some bling!



 Betty completed her Mardi Gras Jester Window and added green irises for it's eyes using glass paint.  Two simple dots was all it took to breath a little life in those eyes and complete the effect of a face.


Sheri has made a number of these Poinsettia Flower Suncatchers for someone who wants to hang them from their Christmas Tree.   We played with the size of the pattern a bit and according to her customer her end result was the perfect size.  In fact, they were so perfect that another one was immediately ordered and that is what you are looking at here!

Judy made 3 different Christmas Suncatchers as gifts and they each turned out perfect.  Regardless of what she thinks Judy is a VERY capable student who works quickly and efficiently.

Angie's version of the clear textures Tulip Window was finished this week and again, those three colors really draw the viewers attention in a wonderful way.  When you hear that less is more, well, this is what 'they' are talking about!
Martha made her own assortment of Beach Themed Suncatchers and finished soldering all six of them this week.  They make quite a collection and Martha seems to have mastered the art of tap-tapping a bead along the outside edge of the suncatchers.   Yes, it takes time but that's just the way the tap-tap goes.

Annette added another eight Teardrop Crosses to her collection and believes that this is the last of them (for now).   She'll be giving these out at her Church and I'm sure that they will be GREATLY appreciated.
Linda L has two more Flower Pot 3D Succulents completed and for the record the flower pots are not made of stained glass.  They are actual mini-flower pots that the 3D succulents are then 'planted' in.  And the best two things about these are that 1) they never need water and 2) they always look great!

Sheri has completed her Business Card window and she's taken it along home to clean up.  Hopefully she can get a finished picture to me so I can share with you what it looks like with some light behind it.  This was a complex piece and I have to hand it to Sheri-- she kept plugging away at it little by little until it was finally completed.

As you can see, Melissa is making short work of her Gingerbread House.  She began cutting it out last week and this week she's already grinding!  The little gumdrops on the ground where a bit troublesome for her to grind because of their size (or lack of size) but she's beyond that now and ready to move on over to easier (larger) pieces.

Cheryl is busy working on an Address Window with a Fleur De Lis Accent.  Now that the subject matter has been cut out she will grind it, wrap the pieces and then tack them together so that she can lay them out on top of her background glass and then trace around them for perfectly fitting background pieces.  This is the easiest way to handle a window like this.

MiMi is knocking out three perfectly formed Humming Birds which might lead (again) to people on the Facebook Stained Glass Page to accuse her of using a stained glass kit rather than cutting and grinding her pieces herself.  Let me assure you-- that is NOT what MiMi is doing.  She cuts and grinds all of her glass by hand and by herself!  Its not her fault that she's got mad skills that those naysayers don't!
Here's a look at Betty's newest Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus Panel which would have been completed this week had it not been for a sad accident that happened to it.   A brush dropped on top of her window which broke one of the largest pieces in it.  Once she saw the damage she knocked out the piece (which I've highlighted in the picture with a broken glass image) and she will replace the piece next week thus completing this project.
Each week Cindy manages to get another row attached to her stained glass Bowl.  There's no pattern for this-- she just picks a piece of glass and then grinds one or two of the sides so that it follows the piece that it will rest on top of.  Once that row is completed she starts all over again.  

Let now has all of the glass cut for her Crab Window and only has the background glass left to grind.  I have a sneaking suspicion that this will be ground before Let comes back in because she never rests when making a window!

Ann is another student who moves at breakneck speed.  This week she managed to entirely grind her Praying Santa Window and then moved along to wrapping her glass.   Next time this window gets made we're going to figure out how to get a star into it. 

Since just about everyone is having trouble 'seeing' exactly what Steve is making I've overlaid his current panel on top of the full sized pattern that he drew a few weeks ago.  He still has to cut out the woman's arm but now you can get a feel for what this is all about .

And then at the other end of the table that Steve works at we have Lisa who is hard at work on a medium sized window that happens to have a lot of tiny pieces in it.  She's already got the left side of the window (the star and the yellow rose) ground and has just begun cutting the blue bonnets for the lower right quarter of the window.

With all of the background for her Peacock cut out Susan D has now begun grinding those pieces.   She only has a handful left to go and when everything fits together she'll position the bird's headdress and then carefully grind the beads that make it up into place.  After that this will just need some solder.
Our other Susan worked some more on grinding her Large Christmas Ornament and it wasn't until the end of class when I finally realized that she actually has two of these cut and ground.  She just has them on top of one another!  What a beautiful pair of Christmas Ornaments these are going to make!
Next we have a look at Angie's version of the newest Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus Panel.   Luckily Angie's didn't meet with disaster!   This is yet another window that will be completed next week.
Linda F has the brass channel attached to her pair of Frosty The Snowman Panels and is now soldering them.   The one with the blue scarf has its front side soldered and Linda has flipped it over to get to work on its back side.   Look to see these completed when Linda next returns!

And then there's Bee who is getting ready to start work on a window for her front door.  This week she learned the basics of drawing a geometrical pattern and ended up walking out the door with this stunning pattern.  Look out because she'll most likely be cutting glass for this when she returns.

And there ya have it! Th-th-that's All Folks!

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