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Yes, I Didn't

June's Arkansas Razorbacks Window may not inspire LSU pride but it has certainly turned the heads of many of our students in classes in and outside of her own!   This red and black window is honestly one of the most striking things I've seen lately.   June's excellent grinding awarded her with a perfectly symmetrical logo as well as the praise of many of our students!

Linda F's Snowman in a Snow Globe  is incredibly charming and one of our first Christmas decorations of the new year.   Rather than wait until December when she could possibly get bombarded with stained glass requests from friends and family, Linda decided to get this done ASAP.  I think that this may become a popular pattern come Christmas time (if not sooner).

Linda F Wanted to make a Carousel Horse and gave me a picture as an example to work with.   Although I'm thrilled with the end result of the pattern I wasn't sure of exactly how complex she wanted to go.   I've since offered to change the background to make it appear as though the horse is on an actual carousel and Linda said to go for it.   Once she finishes the actual horse itself I will add in an appropriate background.  Until then, here's a look at the horse that she's now cutting glass for.


Judy decided to make a Fleur De Lis Window and is well on her way to having it cut out.   There's just some background left to go and I will be discussing with her how she would like to handle that when she comes back in.   There are 'rules' as to when you cut out your background pieces and this is one of those designs that straddles the fence between those rules.

Backgrounds are apparently the theme of the week as you will soon see when I tell you about the Cardinal Window that Barbara has begun making.  This was going to be a suncatcher but she's decided to use this Cardinal, which she already had cut out, to make a window instead.   I've told her to leave out the branch that the bird is standing on and to grind, wrap and then tack it together.  Once that is done we will change the branch and make other additions so that this lone bird becomes a window.

We've literally folded Bee's Front Door Pattern so that the centerpiece is covered by the corners since she's making the four corner accents before anything else.  Folding the pattern gives Bee a much more manageable pattern size to deal with since it's now half the length of the unfolded pattern.   Once her corners are tacked together she'll be able to put those pieces aside, reverse the folds and work on the center piece of the window while the corner sections are under the centerpiece thus making this pattern far easier to work with by taking up less space.  

Cindy has all of her Birds On A Wire cut out and ground with a good deal of it wrapped in copper foil as well.   It's getting close now but the eyes of these birds still need to be dealt with and, of always, that will more easily be handled after this has been tacked together.
With all of her Dragonfly Window ground and a good three quarters of it having been foiled, Lorrie is more than well on her way towards completing this gorgeous Window.   Her work is astounding and her color choices are nothing short of superb.   I can't wait to see how she decides to border this.

Betty is very nearly finished with her Modern Tulip Window which features all clear glass and uses varying texture densities for colors.  If you look closely you will also see that she has another etched bevel framed and ready to be soldered.  Look for these two pieces to be completed upon her return.

MiMi's LSU Tiger is really showing his stripes as MiMi reaches the halfway point in the grinding of her window.  I'm just happy that this was NOT finished this week or we would have had an LSU vs Razorback face off at the beginning of this post!

Lara has the majority of her Louisiana Collage Window cut and ground but she has decided that she definitely wants to add a Magnolia in the lower right of the state where a blank spot currently resides.  That's going to be an easy addition and we will see what that ends up looking like next week.

Susan D is hard at work turning diamond bevels into Christmas Snowflakes.  It's hard to tell in the thumbnail picture below but some of these snowflakes have some VERY tiny pieces in them which prevent the snowflakes from folding along the hinge points of the design.  I'll explain just what where those hinge points are when we see these completed (which will be real soon now).
Cheryl is well on her way to completing her Address Window.  I would have told you that it is all cut and ground at this point but she showed me the smallest of pieces which is missing and that we will fill in once the final border has been tacked into place.   I'm guessing that filling in that piece will take less than three minutes and I'm going to time that being done when she next returns.
Let has her Ospray Window completely cut out and almost completely ground as well.   She's honestly making this pattern look easy which it most certainly isn't!  With only the water left to be ground on this window I'm anxiously awaiting to see what Let decides to do for a border or borders on this.
Next up we have yet another window that's finished save for the soldering.   This week we saw Lisa's Texas Collage Window get borderized (yeah, that's not really a word but I believe that anyone can figure out what it's supposed to mean) and channeled.  That means that this is ready for some lead work!

I'm guessing that Ann has a little more than half of the back ground glass for her 3D Window ground.  Slow and steady wins the race but I honestly feel that Ann has been working only steadily rather than slowly.   There are a lot of pieces here as as you can see they are each fitting together perfectly.   Ann has even decided on the size of the foreground icon which will be raised off of the surface of this round background piece.  We'll have more on that as the weeks go by.

Sheri's got another one third of her Modern Tulip Window under way and this one will not only be larger than the ones we have previously seen-- it will also incorporate two vertical stripes on both sides of the center tulip section.  In other words, Sheri is being brave and changing things up!


Martha is ruffling her feathers quite nicely if I do say so myself  These five multicolored feathers sure make a nice set and should be finished any day now.


Linda L has her pair of Mixed Drink Glasses all foiled and ready for solder.   After cutting these out Linda has determined that there is an easier way to cut and grind this pattern.   Recognizing shortcuts to make your work easier shows that Linda is not only paying attention to what she is doing, but also looking ahead as well.

With her Gingerbread House all tacked together Melissa another student who will begin soldering a window next week.   Much like Linda F, even though Melissa doesn't actually need this until December she is finishing it now so that there is no doubt that it will be completed on time.   Sure, she could have easily pushed it aside to work on other projects but when something looks this good you can't just turn your back on it!
And to wrap things up here we look at Steve's Southern Belle which has officially been cut, ground and wrapped.  Working in sections like this has both drawbacks and  advantages.  The drawback being that when looking at each panel individually it's hard to tell what the panel is supposed to be, but the advantage is that there's not much to solder!  This woman's midriff panel is actually recognizable unlike his first two panels which made up the scenery on the side of the woman.  With that said, I do believe that this will be completed upon Steve's return.

And there ya have it! 


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