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She Was Banging It

Lisa started and completed the soldering on both sides of her Texas Collage Window all within one class!   That's actually a very huge achievement because soldering is not something that you can rush through (unless you don't care what it looks like).  As you can see Lisa DID care what it looked like and the end result is nothing short of wonderful.   Again, his is her own design and I love when students draw up their own window patterns. This will be a gift and the lucky recipient will surely enjoy enjoy looking at it for years to come.

Shelley's Dark Side Of The Moon Window is minimal perfection.   Now that it's completely soldered and the lead has been colored black, all of those necessary yet obtrusive lead lines now blend into the black glass allowing us to only see only the actual intended design.  It's a simple but extremely elegant iconic cover of a classic rock album.

Linda L just finished her two glasses of Wine.  Perhaps I should say that she finished working on her two STAINED GLASS Wine glasses, so you don't get the wrong idea.  At any rate, these are delightful and contain many small pieces which make this pattern something that beginners shouldn't think about making.
Martha has five different Feathers finished and these will hang together from strings to form a mobile.   I love her brilliant use of color in these feathers-- she hasn't followed a standard color scheme throughout the lot of them which adds a randomness to the overall effect.

 Steve got another piece of his Southern Belle Window finished this week and I've position it into its respective position with in his large window through the magic of Photoshop.  Alas, I took this picture with the flash on which made the dress appear to be much whiter than what you see in the other completed sections of the window.   When all six pieces are finished we will post a real picture of the completed window and have even lighting throughout.   As a heads up I will tell you that Steve says that he's going to save the face for last since he's going to paint the eyes, nose and lips onto the glass with enamel paint and then fire it onto the glass.

Mary Grace made a Heart Suncatcher complete with a crystal in the center as an accent.   She wanted to make something small and quick since she's going to miss a few classes while she's recuperating from two surgery's next week.  Of course, we wish her the best and hope that she's on her feet again soon.

Betty had a productive class having completed her Modern Tulip Window.   Our students on Tuesday love this pattern as well as the assorted clear textures that they use to make it.   You'll see another version of this under construction later on in this post.

Betty also put a channel on her glass framed Bevel which she's also been making in bulk. As I said, it was a productive class for Betty.

Linda got all of her Carousel Horse cut out and is now ready to grind it and then tack it together.  Color is the key to making this window stand out and when you make a carousel horse there's just no way to over do colors-- excess will lead to success!

Lara's Louisiana Collage Window gained a Magnolia and is quickly nearing completion.  There isn't a whole lot left to go on this now.  Lara's grinding is so superb that this already looks great but mark my words, when this is foiled you'll get a close approximation as to how spectacular this is going to look when it is entirely completed.
Susan D worked away on the small round accent pieces that prevent her assorted snowflakes from folding along the hinge points that are inherent throughout this design.  I promise to reveal these to you and show you just how she prevented the folds from happening when we see the completed results.  

Sheri is making our second Modern Tulip Window of the week and she's quickly nearing the end.  Most of her glass has been cut and ground leaving her with essentially  just the top background portions of the three tulip left to go.   Initially she didn't have enough background glass to cut out those pieces earlier but we have more in stock now so Sheri will work on filling in those pieces when she returns.

Patrice made major inroads towards the completion of her Umbrella Lady Window by cutting and grinding everything while she was at home during her week between classes.  This week she wrapped everything in copper foil and then tacked it all together.   Still having a little time left in her class she decided to look at color choices for a border or borders and has decided to go with a double border system.   We'll show you what colors she's picked next week.

MiMi is moving along nicely with her LSU Tiger Window and the stripes now easily reveal the LSU (if you are looking for it).  We ended up using the glass saw for the mouth of the Tiger so that the teeth could maintain their definition.   Grinding them with a small grinding wheel would have made the mouth clunky looking.   MiMi still has to fit the smaller pieces within the mouth but that won't be a problem.   I know this is going to look great if not even ferocious!

Lorrie decided to make a multi-colored border to surround her beautiful Dragonfly Window.  Everything is tacked together and Lorrie will begin soldering in earnest upon her return.  The end is near and Lorrie is stoked!!

Susan R now has all of her glass cut and ground for her latest Flower Pot Ornament. She says that out of all of the Ornaments that she's made she likes this one the best, and I understand why.

Ann is more than three quarters of the way through the multi-hued background of her latest 3D Window.   I'm hoping that we will be able to show you the icon that will be mounted in a raised position on top of this when we return next week.

Kerry resumed working on his Mardi Gras Mask Window and now has it all ground.   Next up he'll cut some of the feathers into smaller pieces so that they better resemble feathers.  Since the pieces already fit into place once they are separated they will fit back together perfectly without the need for any heavy grinding.

Bee 's corners are coming together and the glass that she needs to make the centerpiece of this large window has arrived.   Look closely and you'll see that she has two of her corners already completed and tacked together.   It will soon be time to open this pattern up so she can work on the center section.   

Judy ground, wrapped and tacked her Fleur De Lis together and then cut the background glass for her window.   This is moving along VERY quickly for her and we'll surely see at least one border get attached upon her return if not both of them.


Jan tacked together her Pelican Window and then set upon her own journey of color selection to frame this in.  We all tried many sheets of glass and in the end settled on a color that matched the feathers within her Pelican thus tying it all together perfectly.   She'll be soldering this when she returns so this is another window that will most likely be done within two weeks.

Cindy is so very close to the finish line with her pair of Birds On  A Wire window hangings.   Did I say 'pair'?  Yep, there are two sets of these-- one on top of the other.   The only thing left for her to do is to add all of the eyes and she's going to do that by making a solder dot for each eye and then painting each dot black. Look to see how that turns out next week.  (Here's a hint: It's going to be wonderful!)

Let's Osprey Window gained a border this week after much contemplation.  Choosing a color wasn't as easy as you might think.   Grays were too drab, Greens were too bright and blues got lost within the blue she had picked for the sky.   After trying many pieces of glass we all agreed that and amber was the best choice.  We then cycled through all of the amber glass we have and came across this winner which doesn't look like amber at all when it is resting on the pattern paper!  Since everything has been attached and channel has been added I'm highly expecting this to be completed upon her return.
Cheryl's Address Window gained its final border and she even filled in the piece that was missing last week.  I had promised to time how long it took to fill in that missing piece but it miraculously turned up on its own and fit perfectly into place so there was no need to re-cut.   Cheryl then took to soldering the front side of her window and will hopefully have it completed it when she returns.

Barbara got her Cardinal tacked together and we quickly worked up a branch for the bird to stand on which fills a nice size panel.  Alas, I couldn't get a good picture of the pattern because it was only done in pencil which doesn't photograph very well.  You'll see what it looks like next week when Barbara returns and actually cuts glass for it.

June traced out her Darth Vader Pattern and will begin cutting out glass for it next week.  She's going to do this window in two different types of black glass so that it has some depth and doesn't come across as one large black blob.

Lastly, Annette was back and showed us all of the work that she's accomplished on her New Orleans Scene but I neglected to get a picture of it.  :-(  Hopefully I will rectify that when she comes back in next week.

And there ya have it.   Things are starting to pick up big time here and our blog is filling up quickly week by week!


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