Friday, July 18, 2008

No One Mentioned The Missing....

Well, Lea has finished the first of her 2 China Cabinet Door Inserts and it looks better than anyone ever imagined it would. It's a simple design with just the slightest hint of color that makes for a really elegant looking piece of glass. The bevels for her second door are already put together so Lea will be cutting her background already next week. I apologize for the CRAPPY background but we didn't have any china to place behind her door. :-)

Not be be outdone, Sheila finished the first of her four cabinet door inserts. Last week she had everything cut out so when she came in this week she wrapped all her pieces and went right to work with a soldering iron. By the end of the night we had the finished piece of glass mounted into her door. This is another simple design that adds so much without overpowering whatever she places behind the doors. Again, forgive the LOUSY background. I need to come up with some way to take a better picture of clear cabinet doors.

Jane has the front side of her window all soldered so we added the final border and the finishing channel to her window this week. You can really see the trellis effect in the picture this week but wait until you see it hanging up next week. With only the back side left to solder I know that Jane will waste no time and have it finished for next week. She plans on coloring her solder in black patina since that will really stand out against the clear glass and all the white. Look for the finished picture in our next Blog update.

Janice is just about finished with her last Fleur De Lis Window. In fact, the only thing left is for her to solder this last corner on the back side of her window. It looks like she'll be doing some clean up and coloring work next week so she can take it home and hang it. Next on Janice's list of windows to make are her French doors. We don't have a design yet but we still have time. I'll bet good money that Janice will be happy to be working on something a bit smaller than she has been working on for the past few months.

Cheryl finished grinding out her bears and went to work on her background glass. She's got her sand and her brush cut out and ground. Next week she'll add some water along with some trees and this will really start to take shape.

Barbara planned on getting her background all cut for her two Daffodil windows but UPS screwed up and never delivered her glass. After making a few calls to them it turns out that they had tried twice to make the delivery but our address doesn't exist. (Obviously our normal driver wasn't the person making the delivery.) UPS called back around 11pm and got directions to the shop but it really didn't matter because when the glass arrived on Thursday it was delivered by our normal UPS man who very much knows where we are located. I suspect that Barbara will find at least one of these windows will have the glass cut out for it when she comes in again next week. But it wasn't a total loss for her as she did get a pattern all squared away for her next set of windows.

Grace is almost finished with her window as well. We tacked on the last border and then added the zinc channel before she called it a day. What she doesn't know is that old Eagle Eye saved the day after she left. Russ looked at her window sitting on the work table and said, "What happened here?" I couldn't understand what he was getting at until he literally pointed it out to me; When I tacked the last border on I was swinging the window around in circles to I wouldn't have to reach over the window. Apparently I mixed up 2 of the pieces when I did that and the grains where running in the wrong direction on 2 sides of the border! Luckily the channel was only soldered onto the first side and I was able to pull it apart and redo it before Grace comes back in next week. In fact, if she doesn't read this, she may never even know that I almost completely screwed up her window! :-) The picture below was taken AFTER the mistake was repaired so don't waste your time trying to spot the error...

Gerald came in with a small drawing for a design he plans on doing for his mother's front door. It's a large oval shaped opening and when Gerald is finished with it there will be Irises all throughout the opening. We scanned his 8 inch tall design idea into the computer and then resized it to be 5 foot tall. After printing it out Gerald was able to make a full size pattern and make any adjustments on that rather than the smaller pattern. We have to take into consideration the length of the tallest pieces of glass to make sure that we can get glass in that length. But there are tricks to break pieces down into smaller ones without affecting the flow of the overall design. We may end up incorporating a few in this window.

Jane brought her Niece who is staying with her for the next few weeks into class with her. Pam decided that she wanted to make a few things while she was here in the class so she began working on a Whale Suncatcher. Truth be told, she had started cutting it at Jane's but she pretty much finished it while she was in class this week. All that's left to do is wrap it and solder it now. We've decided to add another lead line to make it easier to hang when it's finished. All in all, things are looking very good for this and I'm sure we'll see the finished project next week. Pam has taken a Fleur De Lis pattern home with her to work on throughout the week so expect to see some progress made on her second window next week as well.

And that about wraps it up for classes this week. Come back again to see even more finsihed window the next time we all get together.

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