Thursday, July 24, 2008

Three More Windows Are Completed

Well after weeks of work I'm happy to reveal Jane's completed Trellis window. There were times when I was sure Jane thought we we taking a very round-about way to get to the end of this project but now that it's finished you can see how every side-track paid off. I dare anyone to find a single line that is out of place. Everything in this window lines up perfectly and everyone looking at it can easily see the weaving effect of the white trellis. This is another job well done for Jane.

Grace has finished her diamond shaped Fleur De Lis window. Her background glass is almost twice as thick as her other glass which meant she had a hard time wrapping it since the 1/4 inch foil wouldn't cover both sides. It would have taken the better part of 2 weeks to get a larger black backed foil shipped to us (Black backed foils above 1/4 inch are somewhat of a specialty item) so rather than waste time Grace simply wrapped each piece of glass twice; Once hanging the foil off the front of the glass and then a second time hanging it off the back of the glass. As you can see, it turned out great.

And this week marks the end of Janice doing her Fleur De Lis windows. She spend the class washing , coloring and then waxing her last window in a series of 3. She's going to hold off on doing her French Doors, but she hasn't ruled them out yet! Instead she'll next be working on 5 mid sized windows for the front of her house in a pettern that still needs to be determined. Janice's work speaks for itself (as you can tell from the photo below) so I know these next 5 windows will look fabulous.

Barbara got the background cut out for one of her 2 Daffodil windows and even has most of it tacked together. She also has a good 2/3rds of the second windows background all cut, ground and wrapped as well. She's taken the first one home with her to solder and she will wrap the the second one when we she her next. There's a center panel to these two windows but it will be far less complicated. It will share the same blue background but will have an oval shaped piece of clear textured glass in the center of it so she will still bee able to see outside of the window. Did I mention that Barbara drew up this design on her own? :-) These are going to look GREAT when they're installed.

Sheila ground the oval sections of her 2nd cabinet door and then started wrapping it. I suspect that we'll see her finishing this next week which means that we'll have our second picture of one of these windows installed in its door. She's almost at the halfway point on these 4 windows and I love her pattern-- it's simple but eye catching. I'll have to see if we can get a picture of all four of these installed and in place when she finishes them all.

Lea is moving quickly on her last China Cabinet Door insert. With all her diamond bevels finished all she had to do was make a few quick straight cuts to get her background glass finished. A few quick skims across the grinder wheel made sure that she had no burrs that prevented anything from lining up. We cut some strips for her border and she's just about set to solder this door! She needs to wrap the border pieces but she really made short work out of wrapping he background this week. I'd say that Lea really has the hang of wrapping. And it's a good thing too because she's planning on making 18 or 19 bevel centered cabinet door inserts for her kitchen!

Jane not only finished her Trellis window, she also began working on this Deer Head window while she was at home. We added a border and she'll solder this up at home where it will them be finished. Jane is one of the quickest workers we have attending classes. She gets so much glass work completed while she's at home I wonder if she has any free time to herself during the week!

Cheryl continued working on the background of her Bear(s) Window. It's hard to see at this point but the sky is cut up into many different pieces which will be much more apparent after they've all been wrapped. Cheryl took it home with her so I'm sure when it returns she'll have all that she cut and ground this week completely wrapped. That leaves only the tree trunks and the foreground. Cheryl has adopted Gerald's method of grinding as she cuts her pieces. This isn't a good way for beginners to work because it's possible to make a mess if your cutting isn't precise. Needless to say, Cheryl is having no problems at all having her pieces line up. I guess we can't call her a beginner anymore. :-) We're in the process of altering the pattern a bit and I'll explain what's changed next week when we get to see the actual change.

Next up we have Pam's Fleur De Lis window. Rather than using a bevel for the Fleur De Lis she cut it out of a yellow/gold Crepe glass. After tacking it together she cut out the background, tacked that all together and then cut, ground and wrapped a thin inner border. Once that was tacked into place she picked 4 bevels for her corners and then cut some baroque glass for a thicker outer border. She still needs to wrap and tack the 8 pieces of her outer border but the amazing thing is that she got most of this accomplished while she was in just 1 class! She had cut and ground her Fleur De Lis while at home but most of the work was done while she was in class on Tuesday morning. Now that's a fast Fleur De Lis Window!

Although inclement weather kept Gerald away from class we did get a picture from him of his 4 LSU Tiger Windows now that they are installed. Here's a look at his finished work as seen from the street.

Before we wrap this up I'd like to say hello to Mary Lynn who was out this week due to her husband being in the hospital. We hope everything works out and that he's released soon. We're all there with you Mary Lynn (and Paul!).

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