Monday, May 2, 2011

Ducks In The Wind

I close my eyes, Only for a moment and the moment's gone. All my dreams, pass before my eyes a curiosity. Ducks in the wind. All we are are ducks in the wind.

Look at the very stylish and tasteful beveled box that Roxie made this week. There's no doubt that she has the hang of making these. And the great thing is that these boxes make GREAT Christmas presents. So if you're reading this blog and you know Roxie be sure to drop a int or two her way about getting one on December 25th (which will be here quicker than you think).

We had 2 new students begin classes this week. Cindy is a friend of Terry's and she made this green and yellow butterfly without a single problem at all. We've been on a roll with our students lately as no one has been having any problems. Cindy will be starting a Boar Window next week (you heard us right-- Cindy will be making our first ever Boar window!) I dare you to tell me that this isn't going to be interesting....

Bonnie is the second of our new students and this is her Butterfly. She went with the color purple and like Cindy had no problems doing any part of the stained glass process. She still isn't sure what she'll be making for her project but I know she's going to do just fine.

Next we take a look at the newest incarnation of Frans Ducks in the wind Window. As you can see the water and ducks themselves have been tacked together and it's just the new re-cut blue sky that needs to be ground and wrapped. We did a good job matching the new duck to the outline of the old one because the water just fell into place around it even though it had been ground to the old duck. Fran will most likely make a smaller window using the other duck.

Grace has gone all out with color on her newest Aeroscope. The outside is just as colorful as the inside will be. She's gone about as far as she can with this because we didn't have a kit in stock. We have the pattern and an axel kit but not the brass rods that anchor the wings together. That will happen next week.

Here we see one half of Terry's Beveled window cut and ground. It's starting to come together now and you'll see big strides on this next week (if I can fit the entire window into the camera frame!) There are just 2 pieces of glass left to cut on this and then the outside border.

Myrt went cutter crazy and cut out most of her latest window in one night. There are just a few pieces left in her butterfly to fill in and then she'll be working on the grinder. I guess I'm going to have to start putting tons of tiny pieces into her patterns to slow her down. LOL

Speaking of tons of small pieces....Here's a look at Patty's latest project. Yes, it can be very intimidating to look at but when you work on it a section at a time you start to see that projects like this aren't nearly as bad as you might initially think they are. And you can mark my words when I state for the record that this is going to be stunning when it's completed in 3 years. Actually I'm just checking to see if anyone is reading this far down! This window will be done quickly enough. Just wait and see.

Two new students this week means that things are really picking up in classes. We're overstocked with students and the projects are just flying out the door.

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