Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm Bringing Home A Baby Bumble Bee

Well now, look at this. Within 2 classes Bonnie has finished her first project. She's made this Wedding Plaque as a present and she got it completed just in time for the wedding. This pattern had some nice inner curves for Bonnie to practice on including the top piece of the background glass. Had that broken while we were cutting it the grain of the background would never have lined up as perfectly as it does now. Bonnie's next project will be Ballerina Slippers.

Pam is our newest student and that mean we have a butterfly to look at this week. She used a bluish/purple glass for her wings and a lavender body with swirled purple head. Pam did extremely well during her first class and I can't wait to see what she plans on making next.
Look! All the bees and the hive that Roxie cut out last week are ground and ready to be wrapped. She's moving right along on this and next she'll be tacking and soldering these together. This is another project that is moving along REALLY quickly. In fact I say this will easily be finished within 2 weeks.

Sonia now has all of her Sunflower window cut out and half of it ground and fitted together. She's taken home her ground pieces so she can wrap them and then she'll really be on her way to finishing this. The background glass will just take a few minutes to cut and only a few more to grind.
Well, Terry's window certainly is impressive. What you see here is all tacked together which means that there are only the four corners left to cut and attach to this before she starts soldering. And as I'm typing this I just realized that at this point one of the corners IS already cut and at home with Terry to be wrapped.

Myrt is also moving along at a very brisk pace with her Butterfly window. This is much more complex than the butterfly that she made during her first class. This window is all ground and next week it will tacked together and ready for a quick border and some solder.

Fran's Ducks window is so close to being complete I can just about see them hanging in a window. Everything is tacked together and it all looks good so the border was attached and the brass channel was added to square it all off. Fran will be soldering this window at home during the week and will then wash and color it next week here in class. Look for the finished version then!

Niblet Corn? That's what it looks like now but when these pieces are ground and fitted together you'll see that Patty has made her corn ON the cob. I have to say that these pieces are NOT fun to cut or keep track of-- they all look the same until you mix them up and then they'll never fit back together. That's why you see numbers on these pieces. Most times we don't bother with numbers because they can cause as many problems as they help prevent, but in this particular instance we're resorting to numbers. And after each piece is ground the number will be rewritten on the piece so we don't lose track of where we stand.
Well now, this Boar head window is coming together! Cindy has decided that it's a bit too plain so she's added grass to the background which will add considerably to the amount of work in this project but as I always say, the more work you put into a window the more impressive it will be when it's completed. When it comes to stained glass any extra work you put into a window comes back in spades when it's completed. And Cindy and Patty's windows are prime examples of this.

And Anita nears completion on her Egret window. All the pieces are in place, the border is attached and the channel is on. That means that Anita will be doing some soldering to finish up this window. And Anita isn't afraid of it so it's going home with her to get that solder on it before she comes in next week.

Ok, we're only 1 class away from being up to date here. Here's hoping I can keep up with the weekly classes and keep this Blog from falling behind again.

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