Sunday, March 4, 2012

I Want to Melt Something

Am I the only person who thinks of Shrek when I see this window that Fran has made? Clearly, her Donkey Window has been completed. I remember the hour or so we spent in class trying to decide on the 2 colors for the borders and I must say that the choice was perfect in the end. This turned out to be a really cute window!

And this is Patty's pair of cabinet door windows and it's the first of 4 sets (or is it 5?) They looked sort of plain sitting on the table so I took the liberty of letting you see what they look like with a wooden frame through the magic of Photoshop. She has the next pair started and I won't be surprised to see her finish them when she returns. Maybe we'll put each set in a different frame each time she completes 2 windows.

Ann is the first person to make a Beveled Star in quite a while now. Normally we see our students doing a lot of these around the Holidays even though they can be left up all year long (since aren't directly tired into the Christmas Holiday.) These are actually fun to make and VERY easy once you know the secret. And the best part is that you don't have to cut any glass to make them.
Terry completed her Tiger Eye, Fleur De Lis, Red Pepper, Louisiana Window this week. She certainly didn't waste any time knocking this one out, that's for sure. I love her choice of brown glass in this. Tying the border in with the same glass used in the Fleur De Lis section worked great.

Terry also brought in Calieb's John Deere Window so we could see what it looked like completed. This is Calieb's first attempt at stained glass and although Terry helped out I have to say that it is a job well done.

Sonia's Five Ladies Window is really looking great and she only has the large pieces ground right now. Just wait until the whole thing is cut out. Still, just adding the color of the dresses makes this window come to life already. She's started grinding what she has cut out and will add the background glass once these girls are tacked together. And if you look closely you can see the pile of their flesh under the Blue and Yellow Ladies feet.

Pam Worked on this small Iris Panel which will actually be the top of a box. It's going to have an angled border around it making this box the first of its kind (a 3D top) to be done here in class. It's hard to explain in text but you'll easily see what we mean when you take a look at this again next week.

Dianne and Peewee have just about wrapped up the work on their Traditional Transom Window. The front is soldered and the back side is now up for a nice clean bead of solder. There's no doubt that we'll see this one finished next week.

Bonnie's Fleur De Lis is really taking shape now. With the top section completed she's begun working on the SAINTS portion of the window. The black letters are all cut out and she attached the 8 large background pieces this week so I'm expecting to see her have the bottom panel pretty much completed next week. Then it will just be about attaching everything and adding borders.

This is the first of 3 windows done by Anita. We'll see 2 of these and then a third with a slight variation in colors that will sit in between the first two that she's making. I must say that Anita's attention to detail really shined this week because her work on this was flawless. In a symmetrical pattern like this any discrepancies are immediately apparent to the eye so precise cutting and grinding are VERY important.

Roxie has 3 of the flowers sets pretty much completely cut out for her next series of Flower Hand Mirrors. You can see that she has a piece of orange glass near her pattern which means that for the final 3 mirrors we'll be seeing a splash of color. What the color will be hasn't been decided yet but we'll know soon enough.

Classes were cut short by Mardi Gras this week and some of our students felt the need to go out and party and have a good time rather than to come in and work their butts off with me for 3 hours. Someone doesn't seem to have their priorities in order and I fear it's ME! I won't get any beads staying home working in the shop now, will I?

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